Experience traditional Japanese techniques

Experience the essence of Japan through traditional Japanese craft techniques


We have prepared a number of workshops where you can experience the skills of Japanese artisans passed down from our predecessors. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience in Japan.



Japanese crafts & art techniques taught by real artisans


Experience the traditional beauty of Japanese history


Unique Japanese aesthetics open doors to new skills and knowledge


We offer many traditional Japanese craft classes. This new style allows you to customize as many classes as you like.
This will be a one-of-a-kind service where you can learn traditional techniques from professional craftsmen in the field.

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Takumi no Gijutsu Experience offers a number of original craft plans only available in Japan.
The plan is to learn traditional techniques from experienced craftsmen and to experience the history behind the crafts.

Craftsmen who have mastered their craft will explain the history of their craft and discuss the differences in techniques and tools used in the past and today.

The actual tools and processes used in the class will be explained and demonstrated. Next, we will start making the piece together. This will be a valuable time for you to learn the delicate techniques together.

You will use your aesthetic senses to create a work of art that is full of originality. You will be asked to create new works of art that combine historical Japanese design and a fusion of Japanese and Western styles.

You will be able to take home your finished work of art. The work will become a special memory of your time in Japan, and will be etched in your memory for a lifetime.
In addition, with the new knowledge and skills they acquire, they may enjoy it as a hobby in the future.


Indigo Dyeing Experience Class

Aizome refers to the dyeing of cloth and other materials with a plant dye called indigo. This “blue” is called “Japan blue” and is popular throughout the world. This is a tie-dyeing class using indigo.
Tie-dye is a traditional and intuitive dyeing technique that involves the use of many props and folding to create a one-of-a-kind piece.
The best part of tie-dyeing is that you never know what kind of design will be created when you try to squeeze it. You can take home a one-of-a-kind work of art.


Incense making class

Japanese incense has a long history. Incense has a calming effect and has a deep connection with Japanese culture.
In this class, which uses only natural fragrances, you will learn more about the history of incense and its ingredients from the artisans, and you can experience incense making with your own favorite fragrance.


Kintsugi Experience Class

This class teaches kintsugi, an ancient Japanese traditional technique. Broken ceramics and other objects can be restored using gold and silver powders to add beautiful designs.
Students will learn basic techniques and use of materials from craftsmen, and will actually perform restoration work.
Kintsugi is a way to learn the Japanese spirit of harmony. It is a traditional Japanese technique that values harmony, peace, empathy, and humility.


Amezaiku hands-on class

This is a hands-on class in traditional Japanese Amezaiku techniques. Amezaiku is the art of molding candy in its soft state to create beautiful shapes and patterns.
With many cute designs, including animals, this technique is part of traditional Japanese culture and is often seen at festivals and celebratory events.
After observing the delicate craftsmanship, visitors will have the opportunity to experience hands-on production.


Wind chime painting class

Fu-ring” is a traditional Japanese summer custom. In this class, you will paint on glass wind chimes, which have been made since the Edo period. Depending on your needs, you may also experience glass blowing.
After receiving an explanation of basic techniques and materials used from a craftsman, you will paint a design of your choice. Please enjoy making your own one-of-a-kind wind chime.


Hands-on Ceramic Art Classes

Japanese ceramic artwork is characterized by delicate and beautiful designs. The designs incorporate traditional patterns, designs, and natural scenery, reflecting the Japanese sense of beauty and spirituality.
Through the ceramic artworks and hands-on experience, you will be able to experience the beauty and craftsmanship of Japan, and your finished work will be a memory to cherish for a lifetime.


Chopstick making class

Chopsticks are an inseparable part of Japanese culture.
Visitors can experience making their own unique chopsticks. The finished chopsticks are enjoyed as beautiful handicrafts that embody Japanese food culture.


Mini Wagasa making class

Japanese traditional Japanese umbrella “Janome-gasa” This umbrella design is beautiful and can create a unique Japanese atmosphere.
You can make a mini size that is easy to carry and use it for your room interior.


Mini Byobu (folding screen) making class

Folding screens are made of wood and Japanese paper. It is a traditional Japanese piece of furniture and decoration.
Paintings used for folding screens are based on Japanese culture, history, and other motifs, and have been used from furniture to artistic decoration.
You will choose your favorite design and make a miniature folding screen of a small size that is easy to take home.


Calligraphy Trial Class

Calligraphy is an art form that aims to express oneself through brush and paper. It is not just about writing letters, but about putting feelings and emotions into the letters.
You can write any characters you like on the fan and use it as a souvenir or gift to yourself.
The teacher will also teach you how to draw your name in Japanese.


Kokeshi Doll Painting Experience Class

Traditional Japanese wooden doll toys. It is one of the traditional crafts. It is said to have been made to wish for the healthy growth of children.
You can paint your own original picture on this cute “kokeshi” and take it home as a souvenir.


Origami Experience Class

Origami is a traditional Japanese game in which a single sheet of paper is folded to create various shapes, such as animals and seasonal decorations.
It gives the impression of a three-dimensional, beautifully finished product from just one square sheet of paper.


Edo Kiriko Experience Class

Experience Edo faceting, a traditional craft with a 200-year history Edo faceting is a traditional glass craft that has been handed down since the Edo period.
You can learn the techniques from the artisans and engrave the glass yourself to depict various patterns.

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