Cross-border training

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We are pleased to introduce our proposal for and implementation of an overseas staff corporate training program titled “Cross-Border Training”.

Outline of Implementation

Service Page Category Corporate Training for Overseas Staff
Company Category Manufacturer, IT/Information and Communication
Number of participants 20 persons
Location Tokyo

Customer Requests

We would like to develop leadership skills in overseas cadets through Japanese culture. Through this training, we would also like to develop leaders with an international perspective, incorporating Japanese traditions and thinking.


Proposal and implementation details

Sessions focus on the philosophy of “subtractive aesthetics” of flower arrangement to foster calmness and focus of mind. Through a uniquely Japanese sense of beauty, which differs from Western flower arrangement, participants experienced the depth of true leadership. Many cadets realized its value and it led to leadership development from a new perspective.

Impressions from Sales Representatives

This was our first attempt at proposing the use of the “subtractive” aesthetics of flower arrangement in a training program. The customer satisfaction was extremely high, and I realized the value of the proposal when I saw that the cadets were learning deeply from the Japanese tradition. This experience was very valuable to me.

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