How to apply/Q&A



Please contact us by the special form or telephone.

When using the special form, please proceed to the special form from
“More Details and Price of the Plan” button.
We will contact you within 2 business days after confirming the contents.
You can contact us by telephone. Please feel free to ask us
<TEL>03-4500-2069 / 050-3706-4431
<Reception Time>Weekdays 10:00 a.m. – 18:00 p.m.


We ask you about request and budget.

Based on your inquiry, our staff will ask you more details.
Please ask us anything you’d like to know such as the contents of plan and types of food.
We will give you the best plan according to your request and budget.
We’ll do our best for your satisfaction.


We send you estimation and application.

We will send you the time schedule, estimation, and application.
Please confirm the contents and feel free to ask us if you have any question or further request.
Making estimation is for free, so please contact us.


Please fill in and send us back the application.

Once you agree with the time schedule and contents, please fill in the application, stamp your seal or sign your name, and send it back to us (We accept mailing of the original application and sending data such as PDF).
We will confirm your application and proceed the reservation.
Even after the reservation, we are happy to answer any question if you have. We will contact you depending on situation.
Please enjoy a new exclusive entertainment service, Motenas Japan.


How much will the plan cost?
We will give you an estimation after your request such as plans, time, number of attendance, necessary of food, etc.
It is available to customize the contents of plans based on your budget, so please contact us first.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, you can.
Is it possible to use in a group?
Yes, we do. We also give our service to the group for MICE.
In the past, we have accepted a group of more than a hundred people.
Can you send us a translator since we have foreign visitors?
We have attendants who are fluent in Japanese and other languages such as English and Chinese (we charge the fee).
The attendants are professional with Motenas Japan’s service such as Japanese culture and food, so please contact us if you are not accustomed with foreign visitors.
*They don’t accept a translation request that is not related with our service.

How can I apply?
Please contact us by the special form or telephone. We will give you the best plan, after hearing your request in detail.
Can individuals use the service?
We are happy to serve individual customers. Some customers use our service for anniversaries and celebrations. We will offer great flexibility, so please feel free to ask us.
Is on-site service available?
We can offer on-site service. However, the fee depends on the plan, so please contact us for more detail.
Cancellation Policy
Regarding to the cancellation policy, please refer to the table below.

Cancellation Date On the day 1 day prior 6 day prior 14 days prior
Individual Up to 10 100% 80% 20%
Group 11 or more 100% 100% 80% 10%
Cancellation Date Individual
Up to 10
11 or more
On the day 100% 100%
1 day prior 80% 100%
6 day prior 20% 80%
14 days prior 10%


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