Helicopter Service

Rediscover Japan from the Skies – The Ultimate Aerial Experience by Motenas

What is “MOTENAS Japan” Helicopter ?

We offer a premium experience of enjoying Japan’s spectacular views through customized aerial tours. Comfortable journeys in luxurious helicopters are enhanced by expert guides who deepen your understanding of Japanese culture and history. Prioritizing safety and comfort, this service is perfect for special journeys and business entertainments

Highly recommended for

01 Travelers Seeking Unique Experiences

02 Those Interested in Culture and History

03 Those Hosting Business Clients or VIPs

04 Individuals Celebrating Special Occasions

Service Details

◇Customized Aerial Tours

◇Premium Helicopter Experience

◇Guided Tours by Expert Guides

◇Planning for Special Events

◇Emphasis on Safety and Comfort


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Nature Exploration Adventure

We offer special tours for exploring the magnificent nature of Japan. For instance, tours that provide aerial views of Mount Fuji and the vast wilderness of Hokkaido, as well as flights for cherry blossom viewing or autumn leaf hunting in specific seasons.

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Customized Anniversary Packages

To celebrate special occasions like wedding anniversaries or birthdays, Motenas Japan offers customized aerial tour packages. For instance, spring flights touring Japan’s beautiful cherry blossom spots, or romantic dinner flights enjoying the night view.

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Cultural Experience Tours

We plan special cultural tours that allow customers to immerse themselves in Japanese traditional culture and arts. For example, tours visiting the ancient cities of Kyoto and Nara offer a combination of beautiful aerial views and on-ground experiences such as traditional craft workshops and temple visits.