Incentive Japanese Experience

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In this issue, titled “Incentive Japanese Experience,” we have proposed and implemented a Japanese experience for incentive travel, which we would like to introduce to you.

Outline of Implementation

Service Page Category Japan Experience in Incentive Travel
Company Category Foreign luxury brands
Number of participants
Location Osaka

Customer Requests

As a special reward to our overseas staff for their high level of contribution, we wanted to provide them with a memorable experience in Japan. This incentive trip was requested to honor their hard work and dedication and to form a deep sense of gratitude.


Proposal and implementation details

A special program that brought the essence of Kabuki to everyone. Enjoy direct interaction with true actors and experience firsthand what goes on behind the scenes of Kabuki. In addition, the Kabuki dance unfolded before your eyes while you tasted fine French cuisine. We were able to offer a fusion of tradition and modernity, a moment of Japanese culture that you will never forget.

Impressions from Sales Representatives

At first we wondered which cultural experience would fit, but we proposed Kabuki because we thought the depth of Kabuki was appealing. The behind-the-scenes experience and performance, realized in cooperation with the actors, presented some challenges that were not straightforward. However, all our efforts were rewarded when we were able to directly hear the surprise and delight of our guests.

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