Supreme Japan Experience: Custom Tours for VIPs

Luxury Travel in Japan

We offer special travel plans that blend Japan’s traditional culture with the latest trends for our foreign VIP guests.

From premier accommodations, culinary arts, and traditional cultural experiences to activities and shopping, we provide the finest hospitality befitting our VIP clientele.
MOTENAS JAPAN the best world-class hospitality, guarantees a tailor-made Japanese journey that caters to each guest’s preferences and desires.


01 Custom Planning

We offer fully customized travel plans tailored to each guest’s needs. We design unique experiences based on a deep understanding of traditional culture.

02 Extensive Network and Experience

Leveraging MOTENAS JAPAN’s strong network, we collaborate with experts and top performers in various fields.
We provide reliability and quality based on our extensive past achievements.

03 Exclusive VIP Services

From luxury helicopter transfers to private dinners by top chefs, we offer special VIP-exclusive services.
We prioritize guest satisfaction to create lavish experiences.

04 Detailed Hospitality

We carefully listen to our guests’ needs and provide meticulous services.
We respond flexibly to unforeseen circumstances, guaranteeing the best travel experience.

Service Features

Fusion of
Culture and

We offer unique experiences that combine traditional Japanese culture like Kabuki, tea ceremony, and karate with modern entertainment.
Our programs allow guests not just to watch but to actively participate and create unforgettable memories.

Genuine Experiences with

All performers in our traditional arts and martial arts experiences, such as Kabuki, Ninja, and Karate, are “professionals” and “authentic” experts active on top stages.
Guests will be enthralled by rarely seen genuine performances by masters of their craft.

Customized Traditional
Japanese Arts

We tailor experiences like Kabuki and Japanese martial arts to meet guests’ needs, whether for business or family trips.
By combining multiple contents, we offer even more special experiences.

Previous Tour Details

Special Japan Tour for VIP Family from Dubai

We proposed an 8-day luxurious Japan trip for a VIP family from Dubai arriving by private jet.
The trip included dining at special Izakayas, visiting an anime theme park for children, karate experiences, and activities amidst beautiful nature, providing a wide range of Japanese cultural experiences.

Rewarding Trip for a Major IT Company’s Sales Team

We planned an exploration trip to Tokyo and Kyoto as a reward for a major IT company’s sales team achieving their targets.
This tour allowed guests to experience the charm of modern Tokyo and historic Kyoto, dinning at high-end restaurants and stays at traditional Japanese inns “Ryokan”, providing a rich sensory experience of Japan.

Discreet Japan Experience for a Royal Family

At the embassy’s request, we organized a traditional cultural experience for a visiting royal family.
We proposed a ninja plan for the children, with a surprise ninja appearance at a high-end salon in Ebisu, Tokyo. After changing into ninja costumes, the family enjoyed ninja training with Shuriken and Mock swords in a Japanese garden.


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