Medical tourism

A Healing Journey in Japan – With Premier Medical Care


What is “MOTENAS Japan” Medical‐Tourism?

This is the ultimate and ideal combination of advanced medical technology and cultural hospitality. Not only is Japan a destination for medical tourism, but it also offers an attractive option: a custom-made medical tourism experience for foreigners that includes experiencing traditional Japanese culture.

Highly recommended for


Business professionals seeking health check-ups and comprehensive medical examinations.


Individuals looking for cosmetic surgery or specialized treatments.


Wealthy individuals from abroad seeking advanced medical care.


Medical professionals interested in the latest medical technologies and treatments.

Service Details

  • Integration of advanced medical experiences with cultural experiences.
  • Cosmetic surgery and the exploration of Japanese aesthetics.
  • Health check-ups combined with Japanese culinary experiences.
  • Treatment support and appreciation of traditional performing arts.


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Personalized Health Check-ups and Wellness Programs

We offer customized health check-ups tailored to the visitor’s health conditions and needs. This includes examinations utilizing cutting-edge medical technology and therapies incorporating traditional Japanese wellness techniques. Additionally, during the stay, specialized medical staff and wellness consultants provide individualized attention, offering advice and support for health improvement.

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Cultural Experience-Integrated Recovery Program

As part of our medical tourism offerings, we have a program that immerses patients in Japanese culture during their post-treatment recovery period. This includes meditating in Japanese gardens, participating in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, and enjoying local traditional performing arts. The goal is to foster physical and mental relaxation, thereby enhancing the benefits of the treatment.

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Health-Conscious Japanese Culinary Experience

We offer a unique combination of customized health check-ups, a cultural experience-integrated recovery program, and dining services at premium accommodations. This includes healthy Japanese cooking classes led by chefs, where participants can learn to prepare dishes using fresh, local ingredients. This program merges medical services, wellness, and a deep insight into Japanese culture, providing a distinctive experience.


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