Multinational Teamwork

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We are pleased to introduce our proposal for global team building, titled “Multinational Teamwork,” which we have proposed and implemented.


Outline of Implementation

Service Page Categories Global Team Building
Company Category Foreign luxury cosmetics
Number of participants 50 persons
Location Tokyo

Customer Requests

A luxury cosmetics brand requested to conduct a global team building program based on the charm and depth of Japanese culture for their overseas executive candidates. The brand expressed a strong desire to develop true global leaders through experiences that deepen the unique Japanese spirit of harmony and team bonding.

Proposal and implementation details

Overseas cadets learn traditional Japanese cooking techniques. Through team cooking, they experience the importance of communication skills and cooperation. They also learn the importance of timing and flexibility through the concept of “season” in Japanese cuisine. Through this experience, we aimed to improve global teamwork.

Impressions from Sales Representatives

When proposing Japanese Cooking, it was difficult to choose which technique to use. There is also the challenge of linking tradition and global team building. But I felt a sense of accomplishment when I saw the participants’ smiles and communication during the training. We received high praise from our clients and are proud of our choice.

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