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Explore Japan’s renowned subculture, a journey to the sacred grounds of otaku culture, anime, manga, games, cosplay, idols, and more. Embark on a trip where you can delve into distinctive and enchanting styles and identities.



The Mecca of Otaku Culture: Japan is renowned as the Mecca of otaku culture, recognized as a sacred place where original shops, arcades, cafes, and more come together. We will take you to your desired locations, assist you in purchasing limited edition merchandise, and guide you on pilgrimages to anime holy sites, providing special experiences for fans.


Fusion of History and Tradition: Japanese subculture incorporates elements of traditional kimono and ukiyo-e art into modern fashion and art, creating a unique beauty and showcasing a deep cultural background. By visiting events and spots that revolve around the theme of blending tradition and modernity, you can experience Japan’s unique sense of beauty and cultural allure.


The Allure of Food Culture: You can also savor delicious food. There are unique dining experiences where subculture and food culture come together, including character cafes and themed restaurants featuring beloved characters from anime and games, as well as street food and sweets. By delving into the world of subculture while indulging in these culinary delights, you’ll have an even more enjoyable time.


This service provides a unique experience where you can visit real anime studios, game centers, and more, allowing you to fully enjoy Japanese subculture. Additionally, by exploring traditional shrines and experiencing traditional arts, you can sense the values of old Japan.
Finally, through fulfilling shopping, sightseeing, and culinary experiences, you can deeply immerse yourself in Japanese subculture while enjoying the entire tour.

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The Influence of Japanese Art in the History of Western Art


We provide a service that allows you to fully customize your experience with Japanese subculture. Through detailed discussions about your specific interests, such as anime, manga, games, music, cosplay, figures, traditional Japanese culture, and more, we will deliver a personalized plan that meets your desires.

We provide subculture experiences tailored for the affluent class. You can embark on a journey through the latest subculture scenes, including otaku culture, the gaming industry, art, music festivals, and more, with exclusive access and networking opportunities. Enjoy a distinctive travel experience that combines refined subculture immersion with high-end services.

Pilgrimage of Otaku Culture: A special tour is organized to visit the sacred sites of Japan’s otaku culture. Participants can experience the latest trends in otaku culture, such as exhibitions of anime and manga original artwork, cosplay events, idol live performances, and more.

Cosplay Party: You can indulge in cosplaying while interacting with renowned cosplayers and costume designers. Photography sessions will also be organized, providing you with the opportunity to fully experience the charm of subculture.

Subculture Gourmet Experience: You can visit unique restaurants and cafes that are intertwined with subculture scenes from different places, and enjoy their distinct menus and atmospheres. You can also savor exclusive collaboration menus and special drinks prepared by MoteNasu Japan’s dedicated chef.


Anime Production Experience Workshop

Anime Production Workshop: Experience the Comprehensive Process of Anime Creation, including Drawing (Tracing), Filming (Animation), and Voice Acting (ADR). Participants will have the opportunity to learn firsthand how anime is made. They will perform voice acting for their own written works and create dynamic and lively animations.


Subculture Trend Shopping

Subculture Trend Shopping allows you to visit shops and streets related to subculture, where you can explore the latest trend items and limited-edition goods. You can discover unique fashion items and collectibles related to subculture.


Behind-the-Scenes Tour of the Gaming Industry

Behind-the-Scenes Tour of the Gaming Industry for those interested in the gaming industry, where you can enjoy interactions with developers.
A valuable experience awaits as you get a firsthand look at the game development process and delve into the backstage of game production.