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VIPs are just too busy.

Ideally, such guests’ stay in Japan should be “interesting and restful.

Of course, it is most important for people to enjoy themselves, but it would be a mistake to tire them out.

Therefore, the content should be original and tailored to the other party’s schedule.

However, some people may have no idea what kind of combination to use, or how much they can achieve as they wish.

Motenas Japan can assist you in creating a custom-made plan that meets your schedule, budget, and content.

In this issue, we will discuss “What can I actually do?” and “How should I arrange it? “How should I arrange it?” with examples.


What kind of entertainment does VIP want?

Tailor-made hospitality with the “real thing

Japan is home to a variety of cultures and performing arts, but what we want our valued guests to experience is, of course, the “real thing.

Motenas Japan helps entertain important guests with all genres of Japanese culture, including kabuki, karate, and tea ceremony, and all performers are professionals in their fields.

VIPs are usually exposed to first-class things, so the people who entertain them must also be first-class.

What we offer is the “real thing”.

It may be only a moment in time, but whether or not you stick to it can make a big difference in the outcome.

The “space” is also important.

When it comes to hospitality, we tend to be preoccupied with the details, such as what to do and what to eat, but equally important is the “creation of space.

For example, there are many restaurants with good food, but the number is limited when it comes to “private parties”.

Furthermore, if the “rooms have a view of the courtyard, which is typical of Japan,” the number will be even more limited.

Even if the guest’s request is “I want to eat delicious food” or “I want to see Kabuki,” adding a small Japanese-style surprise to the occasion will make them even more pleased.

What is Motenas Japan Service?

Entertain with Japanese arts: Kabuki, Ninja, Shamisen, etc.


When it comes to Japanese performing arts, Kabuki is particularly popular.

In fact, we have actually entertained guests from the U.S. by having them dine at Tsukiji Jisaku, an authentic ryotei restaurant in Tsukiji, while they watch kabuki performances.

We can also arrange makeup and dressing experiences as workshops.


Like Kabuki, ninja are popular.

It is popular with adults and especially with children, making it a great choice for family guests.

Acrobatic performances are sure to be appreciated at group party venues, as the larger the venue, the more appealing the performance.

The experience of touching and actually using ninja tools, which even Japanese people are not familiar with, rather than simply watching a performance, is also very popular.

Entertain with Japanese culture: tea ceremony, calligraphy, flower arrangement, etc.

[Tea ceremony

Japanese matcha green tea has become increasingly well-known in recent years, as “matcha-flavored” snacks are consistently ranked among the most popular souvenirs from Japan among foreigners.

Japanese people tend to think of tea ceremony as “difficult…” However, the hospitality of enjoying matcha green tea in a Japanese-style room in the traditional Japanese cultural way of the tea ceremony is very popular among foreigners.

In fact, a man from China experienced a “tea ceremony” while viewing the autumn leaves at Happoen, a beautiful Japanese garden in Minato-ku.


Guests, who have taught “calligraphy” in France, especially enjoyed the calligraphy experience.

Even though the language and tools are different, the “beauty of letters” seems to be the same all over the world, and what should have started out as a lesson in calligraphy ended up as a lesson in calligraphy, which unexpectedly became a cultural exchange between France and Japan.

One way to enjoy and entertain is not to be too bound by a plan, but to arrange things in a way that you can enjoy more and more on the spot.

Entertain with Japanese martial arts: Karate, Sumo, Judo, etc.


Karate is often thought of as something that must be practiced as a lesson, but in fact, it is one of the “perfect” productions for hospitality.

It can be arranged in quite a few ways: you can watch a karateka’s demonstration, actually learn a kata, or try to work with an opponent.

Some of the karate-ka’s demonstrations, such as tile-splitting and bat-folding, are so powerful that you will be overwhelmed when you see them up close.

Karate courses for self-defense are more popular among women than karate for fighting.

[Sumo wrestling]

Many foreigners admire Japanese sumo, especially sumo wrestlers.

At Motenas Japan, you can invite real sumo wrestlers to compete and perform the shikata in a private space.

In addition, guests will try to challenge sumo wrestlers! This corner is very exciting and we would like to include it.

Furthermore, we recommend that you actually try the chanko-nabe.

For guests from countries that do not have a nabe culture, the experience of “gathering around a pot with many people” may be the most memorable in the end, despite their initial confusion.


Judo begins and ends with rei. Judo is a globally loved sport that transcends victory and defeat, and is uniquely Japanese.

Three reference examples of hospitality

If you are interested in Japanese-style events and popular performances for wealthy VIPs, please refer to this article.

Reference article: [For wealthy VIPs! Uniquely Japanese Events and Popular Performances

If you want to entertain the president of a European country or a vvip from China with a tea ceremony.

We provide the dignitaries who represent our country with a full taste of Japanese culture.”

Tea ceremony (hospitality itself has become a culture as a form of Japanese culture)

Methods (e.g., viewing a tea ceremony while resting one’s stomach after a dinner, collaboration with a shamisen performance, etc.)

If you want to be treated to a sumo experience during the Rugby World Cup…

For the sports-loving VVIPs, he introduced sumo, Japan’s national sport.

Sumo wrestling (emphasis on the appeal of sumo, which is an individual competition, as opposed to rugby, which is about teamwork).

Methods (watching matches, actually interacting with rikishi, having rikishi practice on you, etc.)

If you want to entertain a VIP group from Europe with karate entertainment

Karate is a form of beauty created by the group for the group’s guests.”

Karate (Karate is also popular in Europe, where it is considered an individual sport and is enjoyed by large groups of people)

Methods (demonstrations by real karate practitioners, learning and performing kata in groups, etc.)


Japan has many traditional arts and cultures, and the stories are endless.

However, it is actually quite difficult to make plans based on limited conditions such as time, number of people, budget, etc., and furthermore, to arrange locations, staff, etc. that meet those conditions.

Motenas Japan is ready to assist you in meeting the wishes of your valued guests so that they will not be exhausted by your hospitality when they arrive.

If you are struggling to get your head around this important hospitality, please contact us.

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