Understanding Taiwanese Guests: Key Insights into Culture and Etiquette

Mayumi Folio
Mayumi Folio

Taiwan, a neighboring country, is said to have many pro-Japanese people.

However, there are many things about manners, customs, and national character that we may not be aware of.

This article will provide you with the information you need to know when entertaining Taiwanese people.

Points, manners, and culture to keep in mind when entertaining important Taiwanese guests.

And here are six Japanese cultural experiences that Taiwanese people will love.

If you have decided to entertain Taiwanese, please read to the end as it is all useful information that you should read.

What are the characteristics of Taiwanese people?

Of course, it is not possible to say that all Taiwanese have the same characteristics, but everyone has some kind of national character.

So, by knowing the characteristics of Taiwanese people, we can come up with a plan to provide close entertainment!

Here are some of the characteristics of Taiwanese people.


Taiwan is a multi-ethnic country

It is important to have a basic knowledge of Taiwanese culture and customs.

Taiwan is a combination of traditional Chinese culture and indigenous culture, and we should respect its diversity.

Taiwanese are divided into two groups: mainlanders, who came to Taiwan before 1945, and ex Taiwanese who came to Taiwan after 1945.

Therefore, even if we say Taiwanese in one word, their roots are different from each other.

Therefore, they are not a “read” or “guess” culture like the Japanese, and “Yes” and “No” are said to be very clear.

Taiwanese people are quite reluctant to respond ambiguously, so be sure to express your opinions clearly.

Taiwanese national character, also known as friendliness

Taiwanese people are generally described as having a sociable and friendly disposition.

To facilitate communication, speak to them in a friendly manner and listen to what they have to say with interest.

Many people have the generosity characteristic of the tropics, and it is said that women tend to be more outspoken than men.

And many people value family ties very highly.

Basically, many people are pro-Japanese, and many people are easy for Japanese to get along with, and it can be said that Japanese and Taiwanese people are easy to get along with each other.

However, although they are generous in the best sense of the word, they are also loose when it comes to time, so please take their appointment times as a rough guide.

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Languages spoken in Taiwan

The language used in Taiwan is Chinese/Standard Mandarin. However, it is Taiwanese that most Taiwanese use on a daily basis with their close friends.

So, if you can speak Taiwanese, you will feel much closer to them if you try to speak in Taiwanese.

It is said that there is no problem if English is considered as good as Japanese, but among the younger generation there are some who speak English quite fluently.

And there are many pro-Japanese people, and a relatively large number of them speak Japanese fluently.

Some people say that they studied abroad or studied in Japan when they were students, since they are our neighbors. Some of them are quite pro-Japanese, so you may be able to get excited about your favorite topics.

Conversely, the older generation has a background of having been forced to learn Japanese during the Japanese military occupation, so they need to be careful when speaking in Japanese.

Thus, in general, you should respond in different languages depending on the person you are dealing with, such as Standard Mandarin Chinese, then Taiwanese for friendliness, and English if you are both fluent in English!

Learn more about the etiquette of Taiwanese hospitality!

When entertaining Taiwanese, it would be nice to know more about Taiwanese manners.

Here we introduce the manners of Taiwanese people.

Taiwanese Courtesy and Customs

Taiwanese are generally polite and respectful of others.

Careful greetings, polite language and an attitude of respect are important.

Taiwanese people shake hands, not bow. When you meet someone for the first time, you will always shake hands with them, so be sure to do so properly.

Business cards are exchanged as in Japan. Unlike in Japan, when we receive a business card, we look at it carefully and add comments to deepen our friendship.

And since many people use “LINE” as a business tool, you should prepare a business account so that it is easy to contact them, and include it on your business card.

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Taiwanese Sense of Time

Taiwanese are said to work on projects by holding numerous meetings and building a relationship of trust.

So, if you are working with Taiwanese, it is important to match the number of meetings and gatherings as they see fit.

Adjust your schedule in anticipation of the need for flexibility in dealing with others.

Another characteristic of Taiwanese people is that they are hard-working people, and that many of them work long hours on projects.

There may be a reason for this, as many people are time-consuming but get the job done right.

We must be flexible in following and responding to time.

Dining at Taiwanese entertainment venues

Taiwan’s cuisine is diverse and delicious, but some people have religious restrictions or dietary requirements.

Review dietary requirements and restrictions in advance and provide appropriate options.

Also, please note that Taiwanese dining etiquette is slightly different from that of Japan.

In Taiwan, there are not as many table manners as in Japan. So, on the contrary, do not be surprised at the free-flowing dining scene of Taiwanese people.

That said, there are certain dining manners, and one that is considered particularly important is the manner in which one’s superiors take their seats and begin eating when they begin to take the meal.

In Taiwan, if you are entertained, you will be served more food than you can eat.

Although this may not easily apply to entertainment in Japan, the behavior is meant to be generous and hospitable, so we should respond in an equivalent manner when entertaining in Japan.

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Taiwanese Drinking Manners

Alcohol is an important part of entertainment, as it is in other Asian countries.

However, they are not as strict in their manners as the Chinese or Koreans, and are said to be very generous.

As in other Asian countries, the manner of toasting is to drink up. The first drink is considered especially important, but from the second drink onward, the atmosphere is such that only one sip is needed, even if the toast is made with great gusto.

The custom is to pour the alcohol yourself, so when your glass is empty, you pour it yourself.

If you don’t pour it yourself, it will be poured by the other party, so you will need to be extra careful than usual.

Also, if you clearly state the reason at the beginning that you cannot drink, that you are weak, that you cannot drink because you are driving, or that you are not feeling well today, this will not create an atmosphere that leaves you in a rut.

The height of the glass is important for the toast. The superior person is at the top, followed by the descending order of status.

However, the most important rule to keep in mind while entertaining with Taiwanese people is to not get drunk.

In Taiwan, getting drunk is considered to be an undignified behavior and is the worst form of bad manners.

Therefore, it is good manners for Taiwanese people to drink in moderation, adjusting the amount of alcohol by themselves.

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Souvenirs for Taiwanese

Taiwanese, like the Japanese, are very particular about their souvenirs.

And in business situations, the recipient often prepares a souvenir for the first meeting.

If you can respond quickly to such situations, you will be more likable.

And in Taiwan, there is no deep meaning in giving each other gifts on the spot, so it is okay to give a belated return gift at a later date.

Since it is important for the people to build trust, choose your souvenirs carefully.

However, it is important to note that there is a “gift taboo” among Taiwanese people.

Below we have listed items that require special attention.

Handkerchief Towel

As with the Chinese, this is something that is “associated with parting,” so avoid giving it.

Cute hand towels and nice Japanese handkerchiefs may be tempting gifts, but it is best to avoid them for Taiwanese people.



Candles are gifts as offerings to the deceased. Therefore, they are not appropriate as souvenirs.

Be aware that even if the scented candle smells good, it can be quite unpleasant for some people.


Blades and knives

It is not a suitable souvenir because it means “farewell.”

Even if it is a traditional Japanese craft, it is best to avoid cutlery-related items.



Like the Chinese, the umbrella is pronounced “san,” which is the same sound as the Chinese word for parting.
Therefore, although there are many nice parasols made in Japan, such as high-end parasols, giving umbrellas is also an item to avoid.



Clocks are considered very unlucky, as they are the agents of death.

Clocks are often produced as corporate image items, but this is another item that should be given with care.


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6 Japanese cultural experiences for entertaining Taiwanese

Japanese cultural experiences are recommended for entertaining Taiwanese, many of whom are pro-Japanese.

It will be a particularly impressive project that you will be very pleased with.

Here are six Japanese cultural experience projects recommended for Taiwanese business entertainment. We hope you will find them useful.


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Popular Geisha Experience for Taiwanese Entertainment

Geisha are still recommended for Taiwanese entertainment.

Taiwanese people, who place great value on courtesy and manners, are perfectly suited to geisha, who are professionals in the art of entertaining.

Because these women are professionals in the smallest of details, they treat their customers with wonderful hospitality.

Geishas are also popular in Taiwan, and in recent years they have gained a reputation as an admired figure, especially among women.

And geisha are experts in Japanese culture.

By providing geisha for a dinner reception, you can enjoy Japanese dance and have a wonderful time at the dinner.

In this way, we can offer you hospitality with geisha to handle your reception.

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Entertaining Taiwanese with Ninjas

It is said that many Taiwanese are cheerful people.

Of course, there are individual differences, but overall, many people have a tropical generosity.

Ninja hospitality is a Japanese cultural experience that will delight such Taiwanese.

Ninja x entertainment at a large celebration is recommended as it adds glamour and excitement to the occasion.

Then, a ninja suddenly appears at a private dinner! A surprise performance such as “Ninjas suddenly appear at a private dinner” will be appreciated.

You can have a custom-made Japanese cultural experience with a ninja workshop, so having a surprise ninja lecture you on how to throw a shuriken will be a memorable experience.

Since we are here, let’s make sure you enjoy Japan!

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Experience the Japanese Tea Ceremony

Taiwan also has its own tea ceremony.

The tea ceremony in Taiwan is considered a culture imported from Japan during the war, but there is a unique tea ceremony culture that is a mixture of Chinese tea ceremony, Taiwanese tea ceremony, and Japanese tea ceremony.

Taiwanese people also have a deeply rooted culture of spending time while slowly making tea, so the Japanese tea ceremony is also very familiar to them.

It is a very different style of tea ceremony from the Japanese tea ceremony, and you will be very pleased to experience the Japanese tea ceremony.

Many people are also interested in Japanese wagashi, as the country has many varieties of azuki bean sweets.

Please try to deepen your friendship with tea and sweets, a culture you share with Japan.

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Kabuki experience for a special time

Kabuki has a “flamboyance” unique to Japanese culture.

Therefore, it is perfect for celebratory occasions, and you can see the glamour of Asia as in the culture of the Chinese-speaking countries.

However, since it is a Japanese-style restaurant, it is a very Japanese cultural experience, and if you are entertaining special Taiwanese guests, it is a popular choice for entertaining them in a private room while watching Kabuki.

Above all, it’s not often that you get to see kabuki up close and personal, and it’s fun to communicate with kabuki actors.

Thus, kabuki is a recommended Japanese cultural experience for Taiwanese people.

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With Sumo wrestlers! Fun Sumo Experience

The next Japanese cultural experience we recommend for entertaining Taiwanese is the Sumo experience.

The Sumo Experience is a program that allows visitors to experience sumo through lectures by former rikishi, watching a serious match, actual hand-to-hand combat with rikishi, chanko-nabe, and other activities related to sumo.

Many people like to have fun together, so the Sumo experience is highly recommended.

Taiwan also has a nabe culture, so chanko-nabe, a special Japanese sumo wrestler dish, is a hot topic of conversation.

Sumo projects have a wide range of potential, as they are ideal for entertaining a slightly larger group.

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Let them enjoy the history of sake with a sake brewery tour!

Sake is also popular in Taiwan.

The sake brewery experience, in particular, allows visitors to actually visit a Japanese sake brewery and see the process of sake production.

For a custom-made sake brewery experience, you can plan a party inside the brewery, and combining it with a sushi performance by a sushi chef from dismantling tuna is also popular.

This is a very exciting project because it can accommodate a large number of guests.

Taiwanese guests who have been to Japan many times, especially if they are a large group, may want to consider a slightly different entertainment plan than usual.

In such cases, we recommend entertaining with the keyword “sake brewery.

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Taiwan, a neighboring country, is also characterized by many pro-Japanese people who have a favorable impression of Japan.

It has many similarities with China, of course, but it is also a multi-ethnic country with a good mix of both.

By being flexible and responsive to the generous sensibilities of Taiwanese people, you will be able to build a closer relationship with them.

When entertaining important Taiwanese guests, why not make a lasting impression with Japanese culture?

Motenas Japan offers tailor-made plans for Taiwanese business entertainment.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about planning Taiwanese entertainment.