Valentine’s Day around the World: A Comparison of Events in Each Country Examples of English Messages You Can Use

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Mayumi Folio

February 14 is Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is an international event with different customs in various countries around the world.

But what kind of day is Valentine’s Day in the first place?

What are the customs of Valentine’s Day in other countries?

I want to give a Valentine’s Day gift to my foreign loved one, but..,

What do people overseas give for Valentine’s Day?

What kind of message should I write?

I am curious about the situation of Valentine’s Day in other countries, as it is an international event, such as

In this issue, we will discuss the origins of Valentine’s Day and learn more about Valentine’s Day around the world.

And we will provide you with example English messages for Valentine’s Day that you can use to send to your loved ones in other countries.


What is Valentine’s Day?

Origin of Valentine’s Day

During the Roman Empire in the third century, marriage was banned for soldiers because it was said to lower the command of warriors.

However, priest Valentine, who opposed the decree, secretly performed marriages for many soldiers.

This brought the emperor’s displeasure, and the Valentine priest was executed on February 14, 270 AD.

After his death, the Valentine priest became a saint and is worshipped as St. Valentine, patron of love.

Coincidentally, the date of the martyrdom of the Valentine priest and the festival of Juno, the Roman goddess of family and marriage, were on the same February 14.

The Lupercalia festival, which disturbed public morals, was abolished by the Pope in the 5th century AD and replaced by a feast for loved ones, Valentine’s Day, which honors St. Valentine.

Reference site National Geographic

Differences between Japanese and International Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day in Japan has been established as a day for women to send chocolates and confessions of love to men.

Recently, however, the custom of giving chocolate to close friends of the same sex, such as Tomochoco, has become more common, but the main event is still a women’s event.

Overseas, however, it is a day for men to confess their love and express their gratitude to women.

And in most countries, it is not a day to express gratitude to people other than one’s lover, such as giri-choko or tomo-choko, as in Japan’s Valentine’s Day.

If you are in Japan, I don’t think it would be a problem to give out giri chocolates in the Japanese way to foreigners in your workplace or to your friends.

However, it is probably best to avoid inadvertently giving giri-choko or tomo-choko at work or school abroad, as is customary in Japan, as this can lead to major misunderstandings.

Conversely, it is very important among married couples and couples to tell the other person how much you love them by verbalizing it or giving them a gift.

Valentine’s Day Overseas

So what are the customs of Valentine’s Day around the world?

In this issue, we bring you Valentine’s Day situations in Korea, China, India, Saudi Arabia, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Finland, and Italy.


Influenced by Japan, the neighboring country of South Korea has adopted the day for women to send gifts of chocolate to men.

In Korea, however, the 14th of every month is the lovers’ anniversary!

– January is Diary Day, when you give your girlfriend a notebook.

– February is Valentine’s Day

– March is White Day, which originated in Japan.

– April is the Black Day for those without lovers

– May is Rose Day, the month for giving roses.

– June is Kissing Day, a day for kissing.

– July is Silver Day to give a pair of accessories

– August is Green Day to go to the forest with your lover

– September is Music & Photo Day, an event with music to introduce friends to their loved ones.

– October is Red Day for drinking wine with your sweetheart.

– Movie Day in November to watch a movie while drinking orange juice

– December is Hug & Money Day to hug and spend money on your sweetheart.

The romantic developments that are common in Korean dramas are said to be more realistic than one might expect.

Forgetting or neglecting them can cause fights, so recently, apps that tell you the anniversary date have become popular.

App Store NAVER :.

Chinese Valentine’s Day

In China, there is a Lover’s Day on February 14 and July 7 in the lunar calendar.

Both are events for lovers, a day for men to give gifts to women, go on dates, and confess their love.

There is absolutely no such thing as giri chocolates or giving gifts to those who are indebted to you at work, as in Japan.

It is a couples-only day.

Since it is a day for lovers, the event is not relevant to couples who are already married.

Popular gifts include red roses, chocolates, accessories and cosmetics.

And the latest fad, they say, is electronic money, money!

The gift will be in the amount of 520 yuan (about 9,500 yen), the number representing “I love you,” and will be sent using Alipay or WeChat wallets.

Valentine’s Day dates also require men to prepare a romantic setting, and men escort their lovers as they would on a Christmas Eve date in Japan.

Furthermore, in China, July 7, Tanabata Day, is traditionally a day for lovers like Valentine’s Day.

Which lover’s day is more important to women, both are important to women! Men cannot neglect them because they are in the

And recently, due to the influence of Korea’s monthly lovers’ anniversary on the 14th of every month, more and more young people are giving their own anniversaries on SNS and other social networking sites.

While many anniversaries are fun, it can be a lot of work for the men.

Valentine’s Day in India

Since Hinduism is practiced by more than 80% of the Indian population and the caste system is still in place, free love and love marriages are not common in India.

In recent years, however, an increasing number of couples are celebrating Valentine’s Day among young people in the higher strata of the caste system.

An increasing number of upscale department stores and shopping malls are bustling with men giving gifts to women at this time of year.

Indians usually give romantic songs and poems to their lovers.

For Valentine’s Day, a card with a nice word, a poem, or a song of your own composition and a red rose.

They are then presented with sweets and stuffed animals along with accessaries.

And since Valentine’s Day is not a one-day event, but a week of preparation, it has been established as Valentine’s Week.

– February 7 is Rose Day

– February 8 is Propose Day – Confession Day

– February 9 is Chocolate Day

– February 10 is Teddy Day – Teddy Bear Day

– February 11 is Promise Day

– February 12 is Kiss Day

– February 13 is Hub Day

However, because of religious differences, many people are opposed to Western culture, and around Valentine’s Day, religious groups and some people stage demonstrations and attacks as anti-Valentine’s Day protests, which can be very dangerous.

However, India also has a traditional day of caring for one’s partner as a traditional event, which is more common.

In India, there is a day for married couples called Karva Chauth Karwa Chowk.

The wife fasts for her husband to confirm their love and bond.

It is a very important holiday for married couples, who spend the day praying for the health and longevity of their husbands and fiancés.

Some young people fast with their lovers on this day instead of Valentine’s Day, and it is spent as a much more important day than Valentine’s Day in India.

Reference Site:

Valentine’s Day in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, a Muslim country, had the authority to lift the ban on Valentine’s Day in 2020.

In Saudi Arabia, the introduction of other cultures is strictly regulated as contrary to Islamic teachings.

However, the former head of the Mecca branch of the Committee for Good and Evil (Religious Police) declared that Valentine’s Day 2018 is not contrary to Islamic teachings.

This led to the spread of Valentine’s Day among the Saudi people.

Saudi Arabia, which until a decade ago was said to be punishable by death if it celebrated Valentine’s Day, has opened its doors to the public and is now able to celebrate the holiday.

Instead of the Japanese Valentine’s Day tradition of women giving gifts to men, men give gifts to women.

Reference Site;

Not even Corona can curb the Valentine’s Day fever of the Saudi people.

Saudi Arabia: “Lifting the Ban” on Valentine’s Day

Saudi Arabia is also Valentine’s Day? !!!!

Valentine’s Day in the U.S.

Valentine’s Day in the U.S. has become a day for men to express their gratitude and love to women.

The man escorts the woman with chocolates, gifts in the form of roses or a restaurant dinner or a romantic date.

The card is also quite important, and she feels that the gift alone is somewhat lonely.

And in recent years, Galentine’s Day Galentine’s Day was born on February 13.

Gal (girl) + Valentine’s Day, that is Galentine’s Day Galentine’s Day.

The event was first held during the popular drama series “Parks and Recreation,” which ran for seven years starting in 2009.

In the drama, she is away from her boyfriend and husband, and the day before Valentine’s Day, she enjoys a breakfast waffle party with just her girlfriends.

This is the setting.

This is where the fire started, and February 13th has become a day for girls only in the U.S. to have a girls’ night out, so to speak.

As in the drama, American women spend February 13th with their girlfriends for breakfast, lunch, dinner, a house party, going to a spa or beauty salon, etc. Galentine’s Day is spent in different ways.

Today, there are no rules or customs, and it is a day to confirm friendship with close friends, regardless of gender.

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Valentine’s Day in France

Valentine’s Day is also a day for couples in France.

It has been established as a day for lovers and married couples rather than a day to confess love.

Many couples do not necessarily give gifts from the man to the woman, but rather exchange small gifts with each other, such as weekend trips, restaurant dinners, and small gifts to each other.

However, since we are a nation of hecklers of some sort, we say, “I love my partner every day! Valentine’s Day is a commercial conspiracy! It’s nonsense!” Some people say, “Valentine’s Day is a commercial conspiracy!

But even so, people in the land of love.

It’s a day for lovers, so we want to make it an event! Many people say, “What the heck,” but on Valentine’s Day, we see many men and couples holding bouquets of flowers.

In France, chocolate is a standard, safe souvenir or gift that anyone would be happy to receive, so there is no sense of “it’s Valentine’s Day, so it’s chocolate! In France, chocolates are a standard gift or souvenir that anyone would be happy to receive.

But everyone loves chocolate.

So of course they are given for Valentine’s Day.

If Valentine’s Day is a weekday, on their way home from work in the evening, men rush home from the florist with red roses or a lovely bouquet of flowers in an arrangement, cake, chocolates, and good wine.

It has become a tradition to see everyone from young boys to old gentlemen, regardless of age, hurrying to line up at the flower shop on this day.

Perfume, cosmetics, and underwear are also popular gifts chosen by men, and Valentine’s gift sets are a big hit in stores at this time of year.

In France, even before stay-homes, a popular gift for Valentine’s Day is for the man to take his skills to his home and cook a delicious wine and course dinner.

Valentine’s Day in England

Chocolates are given to Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day in the United Kingdom, the birthplace of the “Valentine’s Day,” is a special occasion of great excitement.

The history of Valentine’s Day in England is over 1,000 years old and is an important event with religious culture and tradition.

On Valentine’s Day, the town is filled with red and pink hearts, and restaurants have reserved seats for couples.

In England, red roses and chocolates are given by men to women, but the most important part of Valentine’s Day is the greeting card.

This Valentine’s Day card is a custom unique to the United Kingdom and has continued to the present day.

For couples, a simple note such as “Happy Valentine’s Day” can be used to express gratitude and love.

However, the card as a confession of love does not have the sender’s name, but instead says, “Be my Valentine! The card is sent with the words, “Be my Valentine!

The person who received the gift wonders if that person sent it. The person who was sent fidgeted and looked for the sender.

Sometimes couples are successfully married, but sometimes they make a mistake! But sometimes, you get it wrong!

On the other hand, it is said that sometimes couples are formed because of a mistake, so Valentine’s Day is more tense than in Japan at schools and workplaces, isn’t it?

Valentine’s Day in Finland

In Finland, Valentine’s Day, February 14, is known as Ystavanpaiva, which translates directly as “Friends’ Day.

Rather than a day to spend with loved ones, it has become a day to spend with friends, and people passing by say “Happy Valentine’s Day! It is also a day of relaxation, when people pass by and say, “Happy Valentine’s Day!

It is a day to thank each other for friendship, and people give each other small gifts and cards to express their feelings.

And in Finland, instead of red roses, tulips are given to dear friends on this day.

This is also the day when the streets are filled with colorful tulips, marking the arrival of spring.

Valentine’s Day in Italy

What exactly is Valentine’s Day like in Italy, the birthplace of Valentine’s Day?

In Italy, of course, the gift of love from a man to a woman is a must.

Red roses + something.

accessories, sexy underwear, and cosmetics are popular in the form of

Chocolates are also given as gifts, of course, but it is said that chocolates are quite displeasing if they are the only gift.

And on Valentine’s Day, many couples dress up with their sweethearts and have a dinner date at a slightly upscale restaurant.

Among them, the most popular these days are stylish Japanese restaurants.

The delicious sushi is so popular that reservations for the day of Valentine’s Day must be made far in advance.

The town is filled with couples holding red roses and roasting.

And the next day, February 15, is a day for singles.

They are going to have a party where all the people who have not been able to find a girlfriend for 14 days will get together to meet the next person.

Surprisingly, this party is a great way to meet new people, making it an even more enjoyable day.

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English Valentine’s Day message you would like to include with your gift

Thank you for making me laugh every day from the day we met and for always making me smile.

– Thank you for making me laugh and smile every single day since the day we met.

Valentine’s Day in Japan is the day when girls confess their love by giving chocolates. So, let me tell you “I love you” in the Japanese way!

– Valentine’s Day in Japan is a day for girls to give chocolates and confess their love. So I’ll tell you I love you the Japanese way!

Deep down inside, we’re best friends. I love that. I love you.

– Deep down inside, we’re best friends. I love that. I love you.

No distance can weaken our bond, no matter what it takes to erase memories from our hearts.

Our hearts will always be bound to each other. Happy Valentine’s Day! We love you.

– No distance can weaken our bond. And nothing can erase our memories from our minds. Our hearts will always be tied together with each other. Happy Valentine’s day! I love you.

I don’t see you often, but I still love you always. I can’t wait to see you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

– I can’t see you very often, but I still love you always. I can’t wait to see you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I want to be the one who can always see your smile with your mask off. Please be my special person. I love you.

– I always want to see your smile when you take off your mask. Please be my special person. I love you.

Rain or shine, we will always be with you. Happy Valentine’s Day to my beloved.

– I will always be here for you, whether it’s a rainy or sunny day. Happy Valentine’s Day to the love of my life!

Your love is the best medicine for me, making me healthier and fresher every day. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, my favorite person!

– Your love is the best medicine for me, which can make me healthier and fresh every day. Wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day my love.

Valentine’s Day is the day each year when I remind you how much I care about you.

And each time we try to make the day even more special than the last. Happy Valentine’s Day again this year!

– Every year Valentine’s Day is a day for me to remind you how much I care about you. And each time, I try to make the day even more special than the last. Happy Valentine’s Day this year again!

Will you be my valentine (special someone)?

– Be my Valentine?


Looking around the world, Valentine’s Day has its own customs unique to each country.

Of all the various religious events around the world, has there ever been a day that has spread so naturally across cultures?

It means that the feeling of thinking of someone special is the same all over the world.

A day to express our desire to please our loved ones.

Such warm days are connected across national borders, and we can see the kindness of the human heart regardless of country or culture.

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