Understand the business customs and manners required by foreigners in each country|Invitation handbook for 11 countries

For Mayumi
For Mayumi

Foreigner is a broad concept, and the culture and customs of different countries are quite different.

Understanding the customs and etiquette of your country of origin will help you to organize a more personalized reception.

Learn about the Japanese cultural experience that is appropriate for the entertainment activities of each country.

Experience Japanese culture and business etiquette in 11 countries (China, Korea, China-Taiwan, China-Belarus, Australia, Australia, Alien Chieftain, Indonesia, New Singapore, India, and Indonesia-North America).

Please refer to the following information.


Attention should be paid to the etiquette and customs of each country.


The religious and cultural differences between Asian, Western, and Alamo countries, as well as the differences in etiquette and customs between the two countries, are completely different.

It is also important to note that there are significant differences in values and customs among cultures of the same type.

good description

Every country in the world and every culture has its own phraseology, but the form of the phraseology varies from country to country.

In some countries, a firm handshake is considered a good gesture, while in other countries, the handshake is considered slow and gentle.


First impressions are very important.

religious machinations

Although many Japanese do not have religious beliefs, national holidays such as the New Year and the Feast of Lanterns are still a part of their national culture and history.

Likewise, it is very important to understand the culture of the country where the business partners are located, as many people spend their private time outside the country during public holidays or consecutive holidays.

Although Greater China is a neighboring country of Japan, the new year in Greater China is the same as the Japanese New Year, and the time of the consecutive holidays is not the same as that of the Japanese New Year.

In the West, where there are many Christians, the holidays of St. John’s Day are very important, and as a result, the busyness of the four Japanese holidays is increased for other people.

In addition, it is very important for us to have exchanges with the Alaah and East Asian countries, which have a large population in Mu’aqqusilin, under the condition that they respect each other’s religious beliefs.

Therefore, understanding the religious beliefs of one’s companion is very important, and the balance between religion and work is also very important.

Ethnic characteristics of each nation

Ethnic character” 也许并不是所有人都能严格继承的,它在某种程度上仍是每个国家的属性,这取决于他们的成长环境和文化化。

In a scene like this, the differences between different countries are often unclear, as are the time sensations and the ways in which people express their feelings of emotion.

Understanding the ethnic characteristics of your country is very important.

For example, Macauans have many relationships with upper and lower positions, and they call their names directly, and Indians only report good news, which is very important for their positions.

In the Shatte Alaahaku, people send commemorative items voluntarily as a form of disrespectful behavior, but in Greater China, people do not send commemorative items as a way of avoiding the appearance of being seen.

These are naturally small details, but it is very important to understand the differences in customs, habits, and ethnic characteristics of each country.

Characteristics of Business Etiquette in Each Country

Differences in etiquette and customs are important, but understanding business etiquette is also very important when working with a foreign company.

In this place, you will be able to understand each country’s unique business customs and etiquette, as well as the business customs and etiquette you need to understand in each country.

name change

In most countries, name cards are always important.

In Japan, detailed rules for exchanging name cards are not common, but other countries also have their own rules for the etiquette of exchanging name cards.

Every country has a similar point: don’t wait until you see it before you pick it up, then you can enjoy it.

People are always waiting to see you.

More importantly, they are polite, respectful, and respectful of other people because they have transcended their ethnic backgrounds and displayed their humanity.

The name piece is an important commercial tool in any region.

sense of time

Time is one of the most important ethnic characteristics.

In some countries, it is a standard, but in other countries, it is only a kind of instruction, and it is not respectful.


In New Kappa, the process of checking the status is much faster than in the past, and it is even more important to check the speed of the checks.

In India, many people will say “no”, but if you have a question, you need to reply to the question.

In some countries, the shipping time is sometimes subject to a certain guidance, which may cause problems that can be avoided by checking the time.


In the international environment, business attire is usually western-style attire.

In contrast, the ethnic dress of the Alien Chieftain and the Shat’a Ala’ah is formal wear, and is usually worn by the people to whom they belong.


Although there are no specific dress requirements, the appearance of a suitable work outfit is very important, and in many Asian countries, the first impression that people get from a clean, pure, and comfortable outfit is also very important.

Explanation of the reception situation in each country

The degree of interest from each country is always the same.

When inviting foreigners, be sure to learn about the differences in eating habits in different countries.


In some countries, passionate customers do not exist in their own right, but in other countries, passionate customers are more important than the trust they have built up.

It is very important to understand the business customs of the other country in advance.

Religion and Food

Many different religions in the world have restrictions on food consumption.

We have listed our religious beliefs as the basis for our list of foods that we cannot eat.


Meat and fish are strictly forbidden to Buddhists.

At the same time, the five spicy and five garlic ingredients are not used.

The five garlics and five spicy roots are forbidden because of their religious sects, but there are five types that are commonly seen: garlic, leek, garlic chive, garlic chive, and garlic head.


Prohibited stuttering cows.

The majority of people are not allowed to eat food.


Mu Xilin basically can’t eat any non-fresh food.

Wild boar meat is contraindicated, but can be consumed as a pure and innocent food after proper processing, including poultry and beef.


Some religious groups (如摩门教, Christianity复临息息日会) have specific restrictions on food consumption, but not all of them do.


The Judaic food they eat is based on the Judaic doctrine, and these meals are made from ingredients that Judaic people can use.

It is a creature that can only eat a few non-human, hoofed creatures.

The boar cannot stutter.

Sushi with small hearts and rare beef, and blood from marine organisms (如章鱼、大虾) and blood are forbidden.


For Japanese people, 带礼物是一种习惯和礼仪,因此,第一次问候時没有礼物,多少会让人感到不安。

However, in some countries, people send many commemorative items or any kind of gift when they meet for the first time.

If you really want to send any item to others, please tell them to give you a commemorative gift, which is a Japanese custom, and you can do so in the Japanese way.

此外,在这种情况下,不要加上 “这只是一件小事 “或 “这只是一件小事 “等词语,因为大多数国家都不理解谦虚的概念。

What do you want from me? I’m not sure what to expect from you…

spirits of wine

In many Asian countries, alcoholic beverages are an important recreational activity.

Especially in China and Han, alcohol and entertainment are inseparable, and good etiquette is an important entertainment skill.

Contrary to popular belief, in the country of Muqsulin,饮酒is forbidden and as a result, preparing alcohol for recreational activities is considered an unacceptable behavior.

As you can see, different countries have different etiquette for alcohol consumption and entertainment, so it is very important to understand the situation first.



Very important.

We receive a great deal of spirits, which are highly recommended.


In Korea, alcohol and entertainment are inseparable.

You should know your own music, and you will be able to enjoy it more.


Taiwan also values alcoholic beverages, but if you are unable to drink alcohol under certain circumstances, please notify us first, and we will be happy to help you.

beautiful country

constitutional state

The owner needs a good food and drink couple, but only for a short time.

If you do not have confidence in us, we would like to suggest that you have dinner at a restaurant owned by a waiter.


In a country where there are no leisure activities, it is necessary to study hard and have a party, and it is a good opportunity to enjoy a good drink.

I enjoy drinking coffee more when I am drinking alcohol.

Alien Chieftain

In general, alcohol is forbidden in the country of M穆斯林.

For evening entertainment activities, alcoholic beverages are not required.

Certainly prepare the roasted rice cake with water or apple juice.

Shatu Alaahi

Guests from the Kingdom of Shattuck (a dignified country of M穆斯林) will not be able to drink alcohol.

It is always very coarse, and it is also a place of honor.

When drinking alcohol, it is essential to avoid alcoholic beverages.


New Kalimantan has a large number of 马来裔新加坡人和穆斯林新加坡人,因此新加坡也是一个常重视酒精问题的伙伴国国家。

There are many restrictions on food.


Liquor is legal, because the majority of Indians believe in Indian religion, and liquor is one of the five religious sins.

In addition, 20% of Indians believe in Islam, and the majority of Indians do not drink alcohol.



Before deciding whether or not to drink alcohol, first understand your companion’s religious beliefs.

We are very sorry for their refusal, so we are not necessary to pressure them to drink more alcohol.

Recommended Japanese cultural experiences in each country

Below are recommendations for 11 different countries to experience Japanese culture.

We have carefully chosen the Japanese cultural experience that is unique to Japan and loved by those who come from a nation where alcohol is banned.

Please read the detailed country-specific information.

Recommendations: Experience Japanese culture that foreigners will love! Recommended 12 experiential sightseeing and VIP entertainment activities

Japanese cultural experience for Chinese visitors.

For Chinese people, for whom personal relationships are strict and recreational activities are very important, the following are some suggestions on how to adapt their experience of Japanese culture and recreational activities to their needs.



Japanese Clothing

ninja (persons in feudal Japan who used ninja weapons, assassins, etc.)

The Chinese place great value on the quality of a product.

As for the entertainment, please be sure to ask one of the professional entertainers at the banquet.

They are not only highly skilled artists, but also traditional Japanese dancers, which makes the atmosphere of inebriation even more relaxing.

Kabuki is a kind of extravagant and special experience.

The charm of Kabuki is a delight for Chinese people.

The more luxurious kimono experience is deeply appreciated by the wealthy Chinese women and their guests, for example, in the “Ooku” and “Hanakai” styles.

Many people enjoy photographing, and this is one of the best recommended items.

Please click here for more information about the China Passenger Way.

The main points of inviting Chinese guests and the etiquette.

Enjoy Han people’s experience of Japanese culture

When you invite Han Chinese, you should pay attention to the history of Japan and Korea.

Although there are many Han Chinese who have come to love Japan in recent years, it is important to note that some older Han Chinese are very antipathetic toward Japanese culture.

calligraphy performance

anniversary of the Emperor’s death (on which Buddhist commemorative rites, etc. are performed)

hot spring

Contact for inquiries about travel

Han people who enjoy entertainment are encouraged to participate in Japanese cultural experience activities and experience their country’s common culture.

Japan and Korea both have calligraphy and hot springs, and as a result, have a certain similarity to each other.

Chinese calligraphy performances are a perfect way to experience Japanese culture at festivals, celebrations, and other beautiful occasions.

If you are interested in this project, please feel free to contact us.


This is the ideal choice for senior citizens to enjoy activities in Korea.

You can relax in the local tavern.

Tokyo is also a great place to visit for tourists from Korea.

Running between the similarities and complete dissimilarities between Japan and Korea, and feeling the same acceptance, is a good way to deepen our friendship.

This article introduces Han’s passionate customers.

Han people usually use the same invitations as in Han Chinese business etiquette.

Please refer to the following information.


For Taiwanese who are most friendly to Japan in Asia, it is necessary to experience the Japanese culture and experience the following Japanese cultural experiences.


ninja (persons in feudal Japan who used ninja weapons, assassins, etc.)

tea ceremony


Sagittarius (9th zodiacal sign)


For Taiwanese people who appreciate the beauty and grace of Taiwanese culture, we recommend her to visit Taiwan.

Artists are very popular in Taiwan, and have become the object of female worship in recent years.

Taiwanese people love to play and laugh, so it is recommended that you experience a fun ninja trip.

We offer a variety of interesting projects for you to experience the ninja in our workshop.

The sake-based events are very exciting for people, and the friendly atmosphere of the teams at the sumo tournament is also a joy for people.


What are the main points of the Taiwanese way to be a guest? Understanding Taiwanese culture and etiquette.


The country also offers a wide range of entertainment activities, but outside of dinner and lunch invitations, sports and entertainment events are also very welcome.

The following is a summary of our activities.

Zen Buddhism


martial arts

Seishu Wa Nihon Meishi Mourning

Yacht Dinner

… Building a Flowering Team

tea ceremony

person who specializes in making sushi

For those who are from other countries and who are more concerned about food and health, we are planning to create a unique Japanese health experience.

We are very pleased to welcome you to the Zen Buddhism experience and the nature boat house.

Many people are very interested in the group building through the use of the infusion of flowers and the tea ceremony, and are very interested in the training sessions held by the group.

The main entertainment activities, such as Japanese sake, shochu and other Japanese alcoholic beverages, are equally popular.

You can find a detailed description of one of the most useful articles in the “How to be a guest in Japan” section.

What are the main points of inviting people from Japan? How to understand cultural differences and succeed in acquiring them Recommend 6 examples of Japanese cultural experiences for the invited guests.


However, it is possible that some people will come to your country and invite you to visit them, but they will not be able to do so without your permission.

In this kind of situation, I would like to propose the following Japanese cultural experience.

Tokyo Travel Guide

Japanese Dancing

person who specializes in making sushi

… Ninja娱乐


… Team Building in Japanese Culture

In Australia, there are very few companies that offer entertainment activities, and they are not able to provide them because they do not have the necessary support.

Therefore, they are not invited to the dinner party and drinking water, nor do they have a plan for their life in Japan.

You can visit Tokyo and see what they can truly learn or experience, it is very natural.

When our company visited Japan, the celebratory activities and the related events were not bad, but the teams built around the concept of “Japanese cultural experience” were also welcomed because of the special atmosphere they created.

Check out more of our hot customers in Macau.

Don’t invite guests from Australia? Business Etiquette and Evening Banquet Precautions


The Japanese cultural experiences listed below are recommended for those who are interested in the traditions, history and culture of Japan.

tea ceremony

martial arts

… Scripture

Sake Wa Sushi

variety of kabuki, based on historical events

Noh, Kyogen Japanese Kabuki

Many people are interested in Japanese culture and are strongly recommended to participate in Japanese cultural activities and experience the traditions and culture of Japan.

Many people have always had a great respect for Japanese history and culture, and they will be very excited to have you join them and to experience Japanese culture.

We invite you to a unique experience in Japan, and we hope you will enjoy your time in Japan.


Hospitality to Legal Citizens! How to Understand Business Courtesies and Business Entertainment?

Invitation to the Alien Chieftain’s National Japanese Cultural Experience Activities

It is very difficult for people who are restricted by religious beliefs to prepare for recreational activities that consist mainly of alcoholic beverages and food.

For guests who come to Alien Chain, the entertainment and entertainment activities in Alien Chain are always available.

Tea Ceremony

kabuki style of writing

fumigation experience

Seishin Foods怀石cuisine.

As for the guests from Alaahak, the local culture is to invite guests to enjoy Alaahak coffee, and this is also the reason for inviting Japanese tea ceremony.

If you are a guest invited to a “Japanese Tea Ceremony”, you will show your respect for the guests by experiencing the tea ceremony in a tea room or participating in a Japanese-style dim sum workshop.

Many people are delighted by the aroma and taste.

The use of precious fragrant woods is a kind of extravagant experience, and watching Kabuki in a special private space is a kind of extravagant enjoyment.

Japanese cultural hospitality can provide you with special experiences and times that will make your guests feel more at home and more dependent on the food and beverages you offer.

You can find out more information about the people of Alien Chain here.

[How do you invite important customers to Japan?

Invitation to experience Japanese culture for the people of the Kingdom of Shatte-Arahat.

The restrictions on the “Satellite Yuankei” are still strictly enforced.

Xiangsha Specialists recommend the following four types of Japanese cultural experiences


Seishin Foods怀石cuisine.

experience in calligraphy

tea ceremony

As a country where the four seasons are not the same as Japan’s, many people in the country adore Japan’s abundant natural scenery.

The experience of infusing flowers is an excellent way to experience Japanese culture at the same time as experiencing Japanese flowers.

We are very impressed by the beautiful calligraphy culture in M穆斯林, and we are also very interested in the Japanese calligraphy that we have experienced in the past.

The culture of the people who come to AlaBaku Coffee is very easily transmitted through the spirit of the tea ceremony.


Practical business etiquette and techniques for entertaining important guests.


Invite New Kappans (among them, many of them are from Mujirao) to consider the food and drink.

If you are ready to experience Japanese culture through entertainment activities, we can help you enjoy a more fulfilling time with us.

Artists in the Fukagawa Red Lantern District of Jiangsu


martial arts


tea ceremony

Japanese traditional dance is deeply loved by people in New California.

The majority of people have always been accustomed to the entertainment provided by women, but the entertainment of entertainers is one of the Kosei-kosai (佼佼), and as a result, they are very popular amongst the wealthy and privileged guests of the Bin.

In addition, you can enjoy Kabuki in the private space or have dinner on the boat, which is a very luxurious experience for guests.

In addition, people from New Caprica also recommend Japanese martial arts experience, as they enjoy sports and recreation.

For those who want to train their body and socialize, and for those who want to eat and drink a lot, this is an excellent choice.

You can learn more about the warmth and hospitality of the people of New Kaipo from the information you will find here.

Invite New Ka-po people to understand their business etiquette and cultural customs.

We provide Indian people with the opportunity to experience Japanese culture.

In India, there are many different religions, and many people have dietary restrictions.

Therefore, please be very careful when you are having a party with your guests and drink alcohol, and do not drink alcohol if you can help it.

We are planning to organize a Japanese cultural experience and entertainment activities, which is usually a very difficult first step in understanding the recipient country’s in-depth knowledge of the in-depth knowledge of the recipient country’s饮食习惯.

The following is a list of Japanese cultural experiences that Indian people enjoy.

Japanese clothing experience, tea ceremony, incorporating flowers

kabuki style of writing

Wagako Workshop

ninja experience

experience of being an artisanal artist

Many Indian women usually look very glamorous in their ethnic clothes.

Many people are very interested in ethnic clothing from other countries, and they always enjoy the experience of wearing it.

For those who are unable to drink or eat alcoholic beverages or other inanimate objects, we recommend participating in a tea ceremony or Japanese-style dim sum workshop.

In this place, people can enjoy casual conversation in a leisurely atmosphere, and Japanese sugar beets are very much welcomed by Indians, and many of them enjoy sugar beets.

You can find one or more useful Indian video recommendations here.

When inviting Indians, you need to understand business etiquette and enjoy Japanese cultural experience.


The Indo-Nigerian personal relationships are very strict, and it is very important to create an atmosphere of nonchalance when inviting people to visit.

The following is a brief description of the Japanese cultural experience.


Tea Ceremony Japanese Dim Sum


Japanese sweets in the form of long blocks (e.g. yokan, uiro)

ninja (persons in feudal Japan who used ninja weapons, assassins, etc.)

The attention to detail and the skill of the geisha allow them to provide a convenient and enjoyable entertainment experience for important guests in India, and in Indonesia, the equal relationship between the geisha and the guests is a strictly controlled issue.

One of the customs of the restaurant is that the owner directly serves coffee to guests.

This is a very similar style of hospitality to the tea ceremony, and it is very easy for Indians to understand the connotation of welcoming guests to the tea ceremony.

For Indians who are interested in deepening their friendships through outdoor dining and other activities, Japan’s unique outdoor recreational activities are also highly recommended, such as yafune (houseboat) and hanami (hanami).

Please click here处,有关商务礼仪和印尼文化的文章,请点击此处。

Please refer to the following information.

How to invite guests successfully


In general, foreigners in different countries have different cultures and customs.

If you are a foreigner, you are welcome to join us in our friendly and passionate way.

The culture and customs of the recipient country are very important in adjusting the invitation format.

If you are inviting a foreigner, please try to understand their country first.

In this way, you can organize a more enjoyable and successful hospitality activity.

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