We provide tailor-made traditional cultural services for entertainment, corporate training, team building, etc. for foreigners.

We offer foreigners a special Japan they have never experienced before. With "exquisite hospitality" to feel the heart of Japan, we deliver the best experience of Kabuki, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, karate, Japanese food, etc. to our customers from a global perspective. We can also support tailor-made training and seminars according to the needs of each company.

Motenas Japan solves these problems through Japanese cultural experiences.

  • woman

    I want to train foreign staff overseas through Japanese culture, but I don't know how to put together a program.

    Karate Team Building

    Full day Japan training camp and team building through Japan experience

  • man

    We want to entertain our valued overseas guests with Japanese culture, but we don't know how to do it in a way that will please them.

    Kabuki Entertainment

    Entertainment through Japanese culture to delight foreigners

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    Couldn't the management team from the overseas headquarters enjoy themselves over a meal?

    Ninja Entertainment

    Custom-made, elegant and powerful entertainment by real performers

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    When we invite excellent overseas staff to come to Japan on an incentive trip, what would the visiting staff like to do?

    Team building in flower arrangement

    Entertainment and team building through participatory Japanese experience

Not sure which cultural experience to choose? If you are not sure which cultural experience to choose, don't worry!

Motenas Japan's concierge service can handle everything from planning to scheduling cultural experiences!

  • Planning the best cultural experience from our unique network based on our extensive experience

    Planning the best cultural experience from our unique network based on our extensive experience

  • Propose a plan after carefully listening to factors that are difficult to verbalize, such as atmosphere and background culture.

    Propose a plan after carefully listening to factors that are difficult to verbalize, such as "atmosphere" and "background culture.

  • Motenas Japan's concierges carefully tailor each step of the process.

    Motenas Japan's "concierges" carefully tailor each step of the process

Motenas Japanese "Omotenashi

We will plan an original cultural experience menu by freely combining services and experiences. Our concierge will listen to your requests and can provide you with a custom-made menu of cultural experiences, such as "team building using flower arrangement" or "entertainment combining Kabuki and Geisha.

  • Possible to build even unprecedented menus using Motenas Japan's network

    We have many other popular menus, but even unprecedented menus can be built using the Motenas Japan network.

  • We offer the best service for your needs

    We offer the best services to meet the needs of our clients, such as "entertain," "learn," and "feel" for foreign visitors to Japan.


We have entertained overseas VIPs and overseas staff with tailor-made Japanese cultural experiences. Motenas Japan concierges will carefully listen to your requests and plan the most suitable Japanese cultural experience for you.

  • Details of Consultation

    Five VIP families from Dubai visited Japan by private jet. They requested us to tour Japan in 8 days and provide them with cultural experiences in different parts of the country.


    We offered meals at taverns visited by presidents and other state guests, an anime theme park for children, family karate and samurai experiences, activities in beautiful nature, and special temple tours. We offered a multifaceted Japanese cultural experience.

    Women's concierge Fine dining
  • Details of Consultation

    When an executive from a foreign investment company visited Japan, he requested us to "hold a seminar where he could feel the unique charm and depth of Japan and learn at the same time.


    To allow participants to feel close to the essence of Japanese culture and to gain deep insights that can be applied to business, we combined Zen meditation with a tea ceremony experience in a solemn temple setting. In addition, the abbot gave a valuable lecture focusing on the "beauty of Japan.

    Male concierge Tea Ceremony
  • Details of Consultation

    We were asked to conduct a global team building session for international executive candidates of a luxury cosmetics brand, based on the charm and depth of Japanese culture.


    Provided team building through traditional Japanese cooking techniques. Through team cooking, participants experienced the importance of communication skills and cooperation. Participants also learned the importance of timing and flexibility through the concept of "season" in Japanese cuisine.

    Women's concierge Experiencing Japanese cuisine


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