BUDO Teambuilding and Entertainment through Japanese Martial Arts



Karate was officially chosen as an official new event for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Due to this inclusion, the Japanese traditional culture of Budo (martial arts) is attracting a lot of attention.

What comes into your mind when you hear the words [martial arts]? There are many who have heard the term [martial arts] but do not know exactly what it means.

So, what exactly is martial arts? I would like to introduce in this article why it is so popular with overseas visitors to Japan.

What is Budo?

The word [Bu] from Budo comes from the character for Samurai. The basis of the word [Budo] is [Bushido], which means the [way of the Samurai].

What is the difference between Budo and other sports?

Martial arts, unlike most other sports, is a sport that values courtesy. It is said that martial arts were originally based on the thoughts of the Samurai.

More recently, martial arts are being enjoyed as a sport, but in the past, martial arts was about shaping [human character]

Just like the Japanese character for [Budo], martial arts place great importance on shaping and developing one’s spirit.

The heart of martial arts

Martial arts is an exercise culture based on systematic training, which was derived from the tradition of Bushido.

There are many types of martial arts, like Judo, Kendo, Kyudo, Karate, Aikido, Shorinji Kenpo, Naginata and Gun Kendo.

All of these train the body and mind as one, improve personality, enhance morality and nurture an attitude of respect.

It can be said to be a method of [human development] which contributes to the peace and prosperity of society and the nation.

What is martial arts team building?

About team building

In general, it is important for teams to work together smoothly and effectively to achieve their goals in sports and work.

Team building is about creating successful teams

It is said that it is a method to create an effective organization that allows team members to work together, whilst sharing the same purpose, and their thoughts with each other, and also maximizing their individual abilities.

Without a functioning team, new businesses and projects cannot be successful.

Team building is an important part of developing a strong team. It goes beyond individual abilities, harnessing the strength of the team working together to achieve its goals.

A team is not just a united set of members, but a group, in which each member achieves even better results by understanding their role, and working together.

Team building is a method for forming a group and achieving more than the members can achieve individually.

What is the effect of team building?

In team building, the whole team shares a common purpose.

Not only can one achieve a sense of accomplishment and unity when the whole team achieves the goal, you can also gain confidence and motivation by the repetition of these successful experiences.

Team building can help you build basic business communication skills. it also fosters trust among team members, so communication can be smooth, and operations can run better.

Team building through learning martial arts

Japanese martial arts such as Judo or Kendo, are generally fought on a one-to-one basis, but teams can also fight as a team.

Martial arts that promote respect for others, correct manners, [human formation] fits with team building.

Through martial arts, you may think to incorporate this type of team building into real life experiences, such as work.

Team building, where individual skills and abilities can be exercised to maximize the team’s power, is a method where you can expect to get even better results than all the individuals add together.

Choose the right method of team building according to the purpose, and create an environment where this effect can continue even after implementation, and can accelerate the growth of an entire organization.

Martial arts entertainment for overseas guests

Martial arts entertainment that can only be experienced in Japan.

How do traditional Japanese martial arts like Judo, Karate and Sumo wrestling appear to overseas visitors to Japan?

Martial arts that can only be fully experienced in Japan have gained popularity as an entertainment in recent years.

Martial arts has also gained popularity as a [spectator] sport

The Dojo, is a martial arts practice area that is unique to Japan, the Judo outfit (Gi), the Kendo bamboo sword, etc. are martial arts tools unique to Japan.

The apparel is different from other popular sports, such as soccer and baseball, which are well known all over the world, and this is something fresh and popular to be experienced whilst visiting Japan.

Furthermore, people rarely have the opportunity to see Sumo wrestlers in the flesh overseas. This can be a form of [watching] entertainment for visitors to Japan.

Martial arts are also popular as a [to do] sports

When Karate officially entered the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, there was already a huge number of overseas Karate enthusiasts, at 130 million, compared to 2 million Karate enthusiasts in Japan alone.

In the Karate training system, the five virtues of benevolence, justice, courtesy, wisdom, and sincerity are incorporated.

By joining them in their training, you can feel your own humanity surge.

Therefore, it is different from other sports, and this is what has made it attractive to people from all over the world.

When communicating the attraction of martial arts, prepare a system where guests are accepted in a [play-like entertainment], with entertainment focusing on [watching], [knowing] and [experiencing]. That will make for a great program for guests to experience.

It is said that this will connect to the flow of visitors coming to Japan.


There are many overseas guests, who consider martial arts a way to experience courtesy in Japan.

Many martial arts enthusiasts from around the world seek them out and many of the forms can only truly be experienced in Japan.

If you are able to prepare a training experience visitors can only have by coming to Japan, and also arrange a system to allow these overseas guests to spend sufficient time here, you will be able to realize regional revitalization, and attract many inbound tourists.

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