Experience the Art of Traditional Cuisine

Experience the traditional culinary skills of ancient Japan that have been passed down through generations.

We will introduce to you the delicate and traditional food culture of Japan. In this class, you will learn the basic concepts and cooking techniques of Japanese cuisine and experience Japanese food culture firsthand by cooking various dishes. You will also have the opportunity to learn about dining etiquette and food culture.


01 To understand the depth and preciousness of Japanese culinary culture, it is important to learn about the traditional cooking methods that have been passed down through generations.

02 You can learn how a balanced Japanese cuisine can contribute to both physical and mental well-being. Additionally, you can experience the importance of valuing mealtime and enjoying the act of eating.

03 Japanese traditional cuisine is diverse and each region has its own unique characteristics. By experiencing various regional dishes and ingredients, you can explore the diversity of Japanese food.


Masterful Craftsmanship (Food) will showcase exclusive culinary techniques that are distinctively Japanese. Renowned chefs will personally impart their traditional methods, ensuring an authentic experience. Our translations will be available in English.


This is a specially curated cooking class experience exclusively designed for VIP guests. It takes place in a carefully selected and unique venue, where you will learn the art of traditional cooking directly from top chefs. Through this experience, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in Japanese culture and ingredients, learn the techniques of traditional cuisine, and enjoy the hands-on experience of preparing your own dishes.

You can learn the techniques of traditional Japanese cuisine, allowing you to experience its delicate beauty and flavors while embracing the essence of Japanese “wa.”

Japanese traditional cuisine is a culinary culture that emphasizes the sense of seasons. By selecting ingredients and changing cooking methods according to the changing seasons, one can enjoy the flavors of each season. In our class, you will have the opportunity to learn about the charm of culinary masters while experiencing the four seasons of Japan.

In class, we will provide instruction on the specific steps and cooking techniques involved in Japanese cuisine, allowing students to have hands-on experience in preparing various dishes. Through the process of creating homemade meals, students will gain a deep appreciation for the richness of traditional cuisine and develop their culinary skills.

It is also a place to experience the connection between Japanese food culture and cultural elements. Traditional dishes have a deep connection to Japan’s history and customs, and in class, you can learn about their background and cultural significance. You can also learn about the art of beautiful presentation, traditional tableware, and how to use them.

Temari Sushi class(Ball-shaped Sushi)

Originating from Kyoto, Temari Sushi is said to have been created by geisha to enable them to eat it in one bite without smudging their lipstick. In this class, we will make and sample this delightful and adorable Temari Sushi together. It’s not just about the delicious taste but also about the visual enjoyment, as we incorporate creative designs into the Temari Sushi. Vegetarian and vegan options available.

Handmade Soba Experience Class

Soba is a traditional Japanese noodle dish, known for its high nutritional value and healthy qualities. I will guide you through the process of making handmade soba alongside a skilled soba artisan, and we will enjoy a tasting together. Soba can be enjoyed both hot and cold, and We will also share with you delightful ways to fully appreciate the aroma of soba.

Japanese Whisky Tasting Class

Japanese whisky, which is highly acclaimed worldwide, has become difficult to obtain globally due to its rarity. One of the distinctive features of Japanese whisky is its delicate and smooth flavor. Each distillery in Japan has its own unique characteristics and style, offering a wide range of whisky flavors. If you would like to enjoy whisky tasting along with a paired meal, we can make the necessary arrangements.

Traditional Japanese Sweets Workshop

We offer a class where you can make traditional Japanese wagashi. You will have the chance to learn the intricate techniques and methods of expert confectioners while creating your own wagashi. Additionally, you can experience Japanese culture and a sense of the seasons.

Miso Making Experience Class

Miso, a representative seasoning in Japan, obtains its rich flavor through the use of “koji” (fermented rice). As the saying goes, “temae miso” or homemade miso is the most delicious. You will have the opportunity to make your own miso and take it home, enjoying the taste after one year of fermentation. We will also conduct a miso tasting session.

「Chishimi」Seven Spice Experience Class

This is an experiential class where you can learn about “shichimi,” a traditional Japanese seasoning. Shichimi is primarily made from red chili peppers and a blend of seven spices and herbs. It is commonly used in various Japanese dishes to add spiciness and flavor. After hearing explanations about each ingredient from a craftsman, you will be able to create your own shichimi blend according to your preferences.

Japanese Wine Tasting Class

In recent years, “Japanese wine” has been gaining attention from wine lovers worldwide. “Japanese wine” is made from domestically grown grapes and produced in Japan, offering a refreshing and fruity taste. In our tasting class, participants will have the opportunity to enjoy the allure of Japanese wine through tastings guided by sommeliers.

Green Tea and Herbal Tea Blend Art Experience Class

In this class, you will have the opportunity to learn about the art of blending green tea and herbal tea. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the process and teach you how to create unique and flavorful tea blends.

Chinese Cuisine & Dining Etiquette Experience Class

Do you find Japanese dining etiquette to be challenging? I will share with you some tips on dining manners and how to enhance your enjoyment of traditional and delicious Japanese cuisine.

Sake tasting ExpSake tasting

In this exclusive tasting class designed for VIPs, we offer the opportunity to experience and explore the world of Japanese sake, which is known for its rich history. After a detailed introduction to the fascinating history of sake, participants will have the chance to sample various types of sake. Through tasting, guests will be able to discern the differences in ingredients and fermentation processes, allowing them to appreciate the subtle nuances of each sake variety. To enhance the tasting experience, optional food pairings can be arranged upon request. These pairings are carefully selected to complement the flavors of the sake and create a harmonious gastronomic experience.