Other Experiences

    • Martial Arts

      Karate - Performances and Experiences

      Sumo - Performances and Experiences

      RIZIN - K1 and Jiu-Jitsu

    • Traditional Culture

      Luxurious Tea Ceremony and Gorgeous Princess Experience

      Geisha Experience

      Tachikiri, Kendo, Iaido - Experience and Performance

      Samurai (Based on Noh, incorporating Samurai and Kabuki elements)

      Performance Mix of Tsugaru Shamisen and Calligraphy

      Tea Ceremony Experience

      Zen and Tea Ceremony by a Chief Priest

      Japanese Drum - Experience and Performance

      Calligraphy Entertainment

      Japanese Incense Making Experience

      Flower Arrangement Experience

      Traditional Performing Arts Performance

    • Food Culture

      Private Brewery Party - Brewery Tour, Sake Tasting, Meal + Live Band

      Exclusive Sake Bar

      Japanese Confectionery Entertainment

      Tsukiji Sushi Rolling Experience

      Temari Sushi Experience

      Decorative Sushi Roll Experience

      Seven Spice Making Experience

      Tempura Cooking Experience

      Japanese Confectionery Experience with a Craftsman

      Japanese Wine Experience

      Green Tea and Herbal Tea Blending Experience

      Japanese Cuisine & Eating Manners Experience

      Candy Crafting Experience

      Sake Tasting Experience with an International Sake Sommelier

    • Crafts

      Gold Leaf Application, Kintsugi, Makie - Experience

      Indigo Dyeing Experience

      Chopsticks Making Experience

      Mini Japanese Umbrella Making Experience

      Mini Folding Screen Making Experience

      Wind Chime Experience

      Wind Chime Painting Experience

      Kokeshi Doll Painting Experience

      Origami Experience

      Edo Kiriko (Cut Glass) Experience

      Handmade Washi (Japanese Paper) Experience

      Yosegi Marquetry Experience