Collaboration plan of Ninja & Kabuki!

We invited guests from the U.S. to enjoy both the Ninja and Kabuki plans at the same time.

The Ninja Plan is very popular among foreigners and children!

They appeared in an acrobatic performance, which is only possible because they are ninjas, and surprised the audience with their powerful and quick movements.

Weapons carried by ancestral ninja families are also introduced, including the famous shuriken and makibishi, as well as a variety of other weapons and ninja gear.

If you knew them all, you would be a great ninja-tu.

The most popular Kabuki plan, then, starts with kabuki kumadori (makeup) in the form of a workshop.

At the actual Kabuki performance, the audience enjoyed a front-row seat to Japan’s proud traditional culture.

In addition to Ninja & Kabuki plans like this one, Motenas Japan also offers Noh, Geisha, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, and calligraphy,

We can customize plans according to your preferences, such as business trip cooking.

We can create a personalized presentation by selecting and combining traditional cultures of interest to you.

Motenas Japan” for entertaining and entertaining important people.

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