VIP Exclusive Planning & Production

Experience the essence of Japan with all five senses; the ultimate private travel journey.

What is “MOTENAS Japan” Planning-VIPS ?

We offer a service that provides luxurious travel experiences combined with special Japanese cultural encounters. Based on our clients’ interests and desires, we craft customized itineraries throughout Japan, incorporating unique experiences such as traditional performing arts, crafts, cuisine, and other cultural highlights unique to Japan.

Highly recommended for

01 VIPs and the ultra-wealthy

02 Travel agencies offering luxury travel packages

03 Companies operating private jets

04 Business leaders and executives visiting Japan for work purposes

Service Details

◇Itinerary planning and organization

◇Exclusive transportation service for VIPs

◇Private dining arrangements

◇Specialist guide (coordinator) coordination

◇Healthcare & wellness services

◇Shopping assistance

◇Recommendations for accommodation and transportation

◇Location arrangements

◇Custom-made presentations/performances

◇Specialized interpretation services

◇Arrangements for photography and videography


Instance of Customer Assistance1
Exclusive Private Dinner

To delight our VIP clients, we organize a private dinner hosted by a renowned Japanese chef. At this dinner, guests can savor seasonal dishes made from locally sourced fresh ingredients.

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Cultural Special Experience in the Suite

We craft exclusive programs for experiencing Japan’s traditional culture and arts. Options range from Kabuki theater experiences, tea ceremony sessions, kimono try-ons, to workshops on traditional crafts. Various combinations are available.

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Unique Venue Special Experience

We organize private concerts featuring dedicated musicians in historical buildings or gardens. From traditional Japanese music (like koto and shakuhachi) to Western classical, guests can choose the music genre according to their preferences.