Seminar on the Art of Harmony

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Outline of Implementation

Service Page Category Seminar
Company Category Foreign Investment Company
Number of participants 20 persons
Location Tokyo

Customer Requests

A foreign investment firm requested a seminar that would allow them to feel the unique charm and depth of Japan and learn from it at the same time. They requested to be exposed to Japanese traditions and culture in order to gain deep insights and knowledge that can be applied in the business world.

Proposal and implementation details

To allow participants to feel close to the essence of Japanese culture and to gain deep insights that can be applied to business, we combined Zen meditation with a tea ceremony experience in a solemn temple setting. In addition, the abbot gave a valuable lecture focusing on the “beauty of Japan.

Impressions from Sales Representatives

It was somewhat time-consuming to propose a seminar on Zen and tea ceremonies in order to meet the diverse demands of our clients. It was especially difficult to coordinate the program to be held in a temple. However, as a result, we received a very high level of satisfaction from our clients, and we feel that all of our efforts were rewarded when we saw the response.

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