How to Enjoy Japanese Sake with Foreigners | Sake Brewery Experience in Simple English


If a foreigner who loves sake comes to visit,

Why don’t you give him a tour of the brewery?

A visit to a sake brewery is a Japanese cultural experience that allows you to thoroughly enjoy delicious sake.

Visitors can actually experience the sake traditions that have been brought to the present day by historic breweries.

Feel the history of sake in an emotional sake brewery.

Experience the smell of a sake brewery steeped in tradition and sake tasting.

Since the sake brewery also has a direct location, it is a great pleasure to guide foreign customers who want to find good sake.

In this issue, we take a closer look at the charms of sake breweries and recommend a sake brewery and a sake brewery kashikiri party.

What is a Sake Brewery?

Sake is a sake made from rice, produced since ancient times in Japan by the action of koji mold, lactic acid bacteria, and yeast.

The aroma and taste vary depending on the region, the rice, and the producer.

The brewery where sake is made and stored is called sakagura, and sake breweries brew sake in their breweries and sell it in their stores.

Since many sake brewers are originally from the prime families, they are the masters of their area.

Therefore, the historical architecture is one of the attractions of a sake brewery tour.

The delicate taste of sake comes from the taste of the water, the rice, and the careful work of the brewers and toji at each brewery.

Therefore, each sake brewery has its own unique taste, and the world of sake is as vast as the number of breweries.

Sake brewery tours allow visitors to directly visit such breweries and experience various things related to sake, such as a tour of the brewery, explanations by the brewers, sake tasting, and a visit to a historical museum.

We encourage you to visit the site and experience the scenery where the sake was born, so you can taste the origins of the famous sake through all five senses.

Basic English for explaining sake breweries to foreigners

Sake, Japanese rice wine.

Raw sake

cloudy sake

Local sake local sake



Sake brewery brewery

Visiting a brewery

Toji brew masters

To brew

Koji mold grown on rice

– In English, the word ” sake ” is used to speak about a specific Japanese liquor, but in Japanese, ” sake ” actually refers to any alcoholic drink.

In English, SAKE is sake, but in Japanese, SAKE refers to all alcoholic beverages.

– Nihonshu is an alcoholic drink made from fermented rice.

Sake is a drink made by fermenting rice.

– The foundation of good SAKE are high quality rice, pure and clean water, koji mold and yeast.

Good sake is made from good quality rice, clean water, koji, and age.

– Sake production is a delicate procedure that begins with the careful selection of the best rice by the brew master (Toji).

At the beginning of the delicate production process is the selection of rice by the toji.

– The mold (Koji) gets slowly added to the fermenting rice.

Koji slowly ferments the rice.

Recommended Sake Breweries

We will introduce sake breweries that are easy for foreigners to visit, with a focus on breweries with a rich historical atmosphere and breweries that are easily accessible from Tokyo.

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Tokyo Tama Ishikawa Sake Brewery Co.


Tokyo’s sake, Ishikawa Sake Brewery offers four different sake brewery tours, ranging from a free tour of the brewery to a course that includes lunch.

Tours in English can be discussed in advance by e-mail.

In the museum on the premises, visitors can see the valuable history of the original Ishikawa Brewery, from the end of the Edo period when the brewery was founded to the present, as well as the brewing of beer during the Meiji period.

The building is designated as a National Tangible Cultural Property.

Visitors can tour a sake brewery as well as a local beer brewery in Tama.

Ome City, Tokyo Ozawa Sake Brewery Co.


At Sawanoi, a sake brewery that has been in business for 300 years, visitors can take a tour inside the traditional white-walled sake brewery.

Of course, you can enjoy tastings, and you can also stroll and shop at Sawanoi-en, a garden on the grounds of the beautiful Tama River in Okutama.

There is a store and an azumaya overlooking the Tama River stream, allowing visitors to enjoy Japanese nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city on a day trip.

Kyoto Fushimi Gekkeikan Okura Memorial Hall


Gekkeikan Gekkeikan is a sake brand that is famous overseas.

You can visit the brewery by making a reservation for an optional tour of the historic brewery.

The history of sake brewing in Fushimi, Kyoto, and the traditional sake brewery scenery along the moat river that forms the outer moat of Fushimi Castle is breathtaking.

It is a very popular brewery for foreigners to visit, as the information is available in Chinese as well as English.

Fukushima Prefecture Suehiro Sake Brewery


The wooden sake brewery is more than 100 years old and is now covered with the aroma of sake that has been handed down through history.

One of the attractions of the Suehiro Sake Brewery is a tour of the traditional manual sake brewing process.

If you can visit the brewery early in the morning, you can watch the rice and koji being stirred up right in front of you.

Another treat is the Daiginjo chiffon cake and sake-kasu ice cream at the on-site Sake Brewery Cafe.

You can enjoy the charm of sake from various angles.

Private parties at a sake brewery

We can arrange special events such as live music in the brewery and standing buffet parties.

A tour of the brewery is, of course, a must,

A powerful live performance by a band using Japanese instruments in a sake brewery and

After watching a powerful tuna dismantling show,

A standing buffet party where you can enjoy delicious sake and fresh tuna.

We will bring you an unforgettable day with a collaboration of Japanese sake and Japanese culture.

We also have a very popular restaurant directly owned by a long-established sake brewery that can be rented out for parties.

The sake brewery-owned restaurant is a specialist in the best marriage of sake and cuisine.

The sake brewery is also a great place to enjoy conversation with customers who have learned a lot about sake.

In this way, we are able to provide our customers with plans that allow them to enjoy sake to the fullest.


Sake has become popular overseas in recent years.

A long time ago, overseas, SAKE was a mysterious strong sake with more than 40% alcohol by volume served at Chinese-Japanese restaurants.

I was under the impression that this was the case,

With the increase in the number of Japanese-owned authentic Japanese restaurants, there are more and more opportunities to drink authentic Japanese sake overseas.

Sake has a variety of faces depending on the region and type of rice used.

For foreign visitors to Japan who would like to enjoy Japanese sake in earnest, we invite you to experience the essence of sake at a sake brewery! We invite you to experience the process of making sake at a sake brewery.

For any person, what they like and what they love is the gateway to a new world.

We can deliver a great experience for our clients.