Experience Japan’s culture and traditions in a private and luxurious manner with our VIP-exclusive services. Each offering can be tailored to your specific needs, and our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional support.

Incentive Travel

We craft exceptional experiences to reward and recognize the achievements of your staff, set against the backdrop of Japan’s breathtaking landscapes and rich culture. These luxurious and unique experiences can be tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Private Lesson

Tailored to the unique needs and passions of our clients, we curate authentic Japanese experiences that immerse you in a diverse array of disciplines – from traditional arts and gourmet cuisine to martial arts, music, and the nuances of the Japanese language. Handpicked and vetted, our expert instructors guide you every step of the way, allowing for a deeper appreciation and connection to the intricacies of Japanese culture.


Corporate Training

This training program is designed for foreign employees, offering an immersion into Japanese culture and traditions. Participants will experience a wide range of Japanese cultural facets including tea ceremony, flower arrangement, traditional arts like Kabuki and Noh, martial arts, Japanese cuisine, and business etiquette. Through these experiences, attendees aim to enhance their leadership and communication skills while deepening their understanding of Japanese culture and traditions.

Team Building

Offering multinational corporations a unique experience, blending Japanese traditions and culture for their teams. Through a series of activities, we strengthen team collaboration and unity, emphasizing the significance of embracing diversity. Services can be customized to your needs, ensuring a distinctive and enjoyable journey where teams learn, grow, and cooperate together.


We offer participants an opportunity to deeply understand and experience Japanese culture and traditions. This is especially beneficial for companies considering entering the Japanese market or those wanting a profound understanding of Japanese business customs and culture. Instructors with extensive experience and specialized knowledge will guide the sessions. The curriculum can be customized according to the interests and requirements of the participants.


VIP Exclusive Planning & Production (Private Jet Services) Special Japanese Experiences and Itinerary Support for VIPs & Ultra High-net-worth Individuals

We offer a service that provides luxurious travel experiences combined with special Japanese cultural encounters. Based on our clients’ interests and desires, we craft customized itineraries throughout Japan, incorporating unique experiences such as traditional performing arts, crafts, cuisine, and other cultural highlights unique to Japan.

Medical tourism

This is the ultimate and ideal combination of advanced medical technology and cultural hospitality. Not only is Japan a destination for medical tourism, but it also offers an attractive option: a custom-made medical tourism experience for foreigners that includes experiencing traditional Japanese culture.

Helicopter Service

We offer a premium experience of enjoying Japan’s spectacular views through customized aerial tours. Comfortable journeys in luxurious helicopters are enhanced by expert guides who deepen your understanding of Japanese culture and history. Prioritizing safety and comfort, this service is perfect for special journeys and business entertainments.

Beach Wedding

Our beach wedding service offers special ceremonies on beautiful beaches all across Japan. You can rent a secluded, quiet beach, free from tourists, creating a unique and private space to pledge your love. Surrounded by the open sky and sea, you can enjoy a memorable and stunning wedding with stylish decorations and productions by professional designers.

Japanese Corporate Tours and Training Programs

At MOTENAS Japan, we offer a special opportunity to experience the secrets of success of long-lasting companies with a history of over 100 years. By visiting traditional stores and factories, as well as the educational institutions that form their roots, you can immerse yourself in the corporate culture and education system. Integrate Japan’s unique spirit and consciousness into your own company’s philosophy and aim for sustainable growth.

Supreme Japan Experience: Custom Tours for VIPs

From premier accommodations, culinary arts, and traditional cultural experiences to activities and shopping, we provide the finest hospitality befitting our VIP clientele.MOTENAS JAPAN the best world-class hospitality, guarantees a tailor-made Japanese journey that caters to each guest’s preferences and desires.