The Geisha Experience: Tailor-made Entertainment for Important Guests

Mayumi Folio
Mayumi Folio

Geisha is a Japanese cultural experience that is especially recommended when entertaining very important guests from abroad.

This is because, first and foremost, many people overseas see the image of geishas as very symbolic of Japan.

Next, their outstanding hospitality skills are second to none.

Finally, as successors of various traditional performing arts, their magnificent performance skills can satisfy even the most prominent of guests.

However, even for us Japanese, many of us have “never seen a geisha in person” or “do not know what to do during geisha entertainment.”

How can we arrange for a first-time customer from overseas to enjoy ozashiki (tatami-room) entertainment?

We will answer that question today.

So in this article, I will explain the following:

– Why do people overseas like geishas?

– What is ozashiki entertainment? The geisha experience?

– How can we arrange for a “first-time customer” from overseas to enjoy ozashiki entertainment with geishas?

– Where can we enjoy the ozashiki entertainment?

– What is the custom-made ozashiki entertainment that is popular among the wealthy?

I will focus on the above topics as I introduce geishas and ozashiki entertainment.

Read this and you will have detailed knowledge about the geisha experience and ozashiki entertainment for guests from abroad.

Reasons Why We Recommend Geishas for Wealthy Guests from Abroad

The Amazing Appearance

First and foremost, one of biggest reasons for their popularity is the impact of the geisha’s appearance.

The colorful, beautiful and profound look of the white face and kimono is something that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world.

Pictures of geishas are always used in Japanese guidebooks published in a variety of countries.

When you ask overseas people what they like about Geishas, many will mention their gorgeous beauty or their quiet, peaceful atmosphere.

As you can imagine, there are many overseas people who would like to catch a glimpse of such geishas, and this is no different for the super wealthy and VIPs.

Experts in Hospitality

One of the reasons we recommend geishas for entertaining very important guests is that they are professionals of traditional customer service and experts in hospitality.

Originally, geishas were invited to ryotei (traditional Japanese-style restaurants) and teahouses, where their role was to liven up meetings and business entertainment, and to facilitate the smooth running of such events.

That still continues on to this day in modern Japan.

These girls have been learning the art of hospitality ever since they were teenagers.

Once they become a full-fledged geisha, they accumulate experience in various tatami rooms, improving the quality of their hospitality on a daily basis.

Is there anything more reassuring than getting such women to support you in entertaining very important and wealthy guests from abroad?

Thorough Knowledge of Traditional Japanese Culture

From tea ceremony and flower arrangement to shamisen (three-stringed Japanese banjo), Japanese dance, and singing, it takes a great deal of training to master just one of these traditional arts, but geishas acquire all of them.

By the time they have completed the training in these traditional Japanese performing arts which they started in their teens and have established themselves as a full-fledged geisha, they will be supporting Japan as succesors of the Japanese culture.

The way they train is also built on tradition as they learn every little detail thoroughly from their masters and seniors.

And it can be said that these women, who wear kimonos in their daily lives, are one of the few people today who have acquired the traditional Japanese customs.

In order to go through your daily life in a kimono, you must move with attention to even the smallest details.

Geishas who perform these delicate and graceful movements on a daily basis are truly beautiful.

Even now, there is no end to the number of overseas guests who are mesmerized by them.

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Why Are Geishas so Popular Among Overseas People?

Why are people from abroad interested in geishas?

One possible reason that people from other countries are attracted to geishas is that they possess both the image and the essence.

Geishas first of all have the image of being a symbol of exotic Japan.

Pure white powder, Japanese hair, and kimono.

Many people from abroad become interested because of this mysterious beauty.

Many start from that image and become interested in geishas, and then they become impressed by that fact that geishas are the successors of Japanese culture.

People from other countries are mesmerized by geishas because they possess a variety of charms unique to Japan, such as Japanese dance, shamisen, singing, and traditional games.

Traditional Japanese culture and distinctly Japanese beauty.

Geishas that possess these two essential qualities will always attract the attention of the world, no matter the time period.

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How Geishas Became Known Around the World

The image of geishas representing Japan probably dates back to the Paris Exposition of 1867, the first time Japan participated in the event.

At this time, three geishas from Yanagibashi participated in the Japanese pavilion as what we would now call “promotional models,” and it was a very popular pavilion.

Europeans were strongly impressed when they saw “geishas” wearing Asian “kimonos” and traditional Japanese hairstyles for the first time.

Japanese culture became a massive hit at the Paris Expo and brought the Japanese craze, “Japonisme,” to France, and the term “Geisha” also took on a life of its own.

Later, Madame Sadayakko held a performance, and the word “geisha” became even more famous as she performed for the President of France and at Buckingham Palace, where she was honored with an award.

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Difference between Geisha Experience and Geisha Entertainment

Geisha Experience

Geisha Experience is a service that allows you to dress up like a geisha, wearing make-up, a wig, and a kimono, and have your picture taken.

As is the case with the recent increase in the number of kimono rental stores in tourist areas, there are also stores where you can wear a kimono and have makeup applied to become a geisha.

A geiko’s kimono is simple and elegant, and the obi is tied in a single knot with an o-daiko for a relaxed finish.

It is highly recommended for those who prefer a mature and relaxed atmosphere.

The Geisha Experience plan includes makeup, costume dressing, studio photography, free photography, and printing out photos on original mounts.

The time required is said to be approximately 2 hours or so per person.

Geisha Entertainment (Ozashiki Entertainment)

The famous ozashiki entertainment are activities that add to the entertainment in the tatami room.

It can be played with just what is available in the tatami room, and includes enjoying the dances of maikos and geikos and engaging in lively conversation.

Among them, there are many variations of a game that is much like the rock-paper-scissors game.

Other activities include the use of the shamisen and skits.

However, first-time customers are not allowed to invite geishas to tea houses and high-class ryotei (Japanese-style restaurants) for the real geisha entertainment, which is called ozashiki entertainment.

Etiquette for Ozashiki Entertainment

There are some very specific etiquettes in geisha entertainment.

It is a good idea to tell your overseas guests in advance so that they will not be embarrassed.

The “Ozashiki Experience” allows you to enjoy food, drinks, and other entertainment while you are there.

The tour includes watching a performance by maikos, chatting, taking photos, and ozashiki entertainment.

Etiquette #1: Viewing

During the geisha performance, refrain from eating or drinking, and take your time to appreciate the performance.

At the performance viewing, geikos and maikos will perform the of dancing art performance, which they practice daily at the performance hall.

The type and skill of dancing varies among the geikos and maikos, and truly discerning customers will be able to tell if the dancing is good or bad.

Etiquette #2: Communication

Do not make any personal comments or comments that could be considered sexual or moral harrassment.

During the chat with the maikos, you are free to ask questions that you normally would not be able to ask.

For example, you can casually ask questions about how maikos spend their days off and other things that you would normally not be able to ask, making you feel very close to the maikos.

Geishas are very cordial and sincere so it is completely inexcusable for a person to make intimidating or sexually harassing remarks from the standpoint of being a guest.

Etiquette #3: Respect

Try to participate in the ozashiki entertainment with respect for the geishas.

Geishas are professionals in hospitality.

At the same time, they are skilled successors of the traditional Japanese performing arts and are professionals in their field.

No matter how great their dancing or shamisen skills are, they are professionals in hospitality, so they always show respect to their customers and maintain a humble attitude.

No matter how experienced the hostess is, she always pays attention to her guests in the tatami room.

We must first have a heart of respect for their professional hospitality.

Etiquette #4: Clothing

Even for the ozashiki experience, try as much as you can to dress a little better than usual.

Basically, formal attire is the standard.

As a matter of etiquette in Japanese-style rooms, women should wear socks or stockings when stepping onto the tatami mats, not barefoot.

If it is difficult depending on the shoes you wear, bring the socks with you and wear it when going up into the tatami room.

It would be nice if you could tell them another Japanese room etiquette, which is to avoid stepping on the edges of the tatami mats.

Etiquette #5: Photography

Be sure to ask permission before taking photographs.

A photo shoot with geishas is so valuable that some plans include a commemorative photo.

Of course, be sure to ask the person’s permission if you want to post the photos on social media.

In this age of casual photography, this is one etiquette that we need to be very careful about.

Etiquette #6: Body Touch

Some people still confuse geishas with prostitutes.

Some people overseas, who are influenced by Hollywood movies created with various biased perceptions, consider geishas to be like call girls.

Be sure to tell them in advance that these women are performers.

If some overseas guests mistakenly believe that geishas are sex workers because of their image, please make sure that you clear up their misunderstanding in advance.

Etiquette #7: How to address Geishas

We refer to them as Onee-san.

Geishas are called “Onee-san” no matter how old they get.

You will find many geishas of any age actively working.

The world of the arts is one of mastering skills and techniques, and the older one gets, the more polished one’s art becomes.

Be careful not to call them “oba-san” or “obaa-san” as it is very disrespectful and inappropriate.

Etiquette #8: Gift Money

If you are personally inviting geishas, you should know the etiquette of gift money.

The world of geishas has long had a system of gift money since the Edo period.

It is customary to put the money in a small gift envelope and give it to the geisha in a smart way while having a conversation with them.

Although it is not common in geisha experiences, it is possible to give gift money to a geisha if you personally invite a geisha to your party.

How Overseas Guests Can Enjoy Activities with Geishas

The Casual Ozashiki Experience

In Kyoto, there are teahouses where you can play with geishas and maikos.

However, first-time customers are not allowed to enter the teahouses, and a referral system through so-called intermediaries is still in place.

There is an ozashiki experience that allows you to enjoy such ozashiki entertainment in a casual manner.

Even today, denying entry to first-time customers is a custom that is still alive, and usually, tourists and other people who do not normally have connections with the teahouse, cannot call maikod and usually are not even allowed in the teahouse.

Since it is only an ozashiki “experience,” some restaurants may have time limits, set food menus, or you may have to be entertained with other customers, but the prices are more affordable than you might imagine.

When entertaining guests, the price is also important, so it is a good idea to consider in advance which restaurant is best for you.

Know the Flow of Geisha Entertainment in Advance

When it comes to entertaining overseas guests for geisha entertainment, it is a good idea for you to know the rules and have some knowledge of geisha entertainment in advance.

When everything that they see is a new experience, many customers will surely ask a lot of questions.

Therefore, it would be nice to be able to smoothly explain some of the basics when asked.

Here is the general flow of the ozashiki experience.

– Geishas enter.

– We will enjoy the food and drinks for about 40 to 50 minutes after the party starts.

– Next, we will watch a traditional art performance such as a dance number by a maiko.

– The audience enjoys playing ozashiki entertainment games such as “Toratora” and “Konpira Fune fune” to the accompaniment of shamisen music.

This is the basic plan.

What is the Appeal of Custom-made Geisha Entertainment?

Geisha entertainment is a popular way to entertain very important and wealthy overseas guests and to experience Japanese culture.

The system that denies entry for first-time customers makes it quite difficult for overseas guests who want to enjoy authentic geisha entertainment.

Geishas, who are not normally allowed to entertain “first-time customers,” can be experienced in a custom-made plan at a ryotei (Japanese-style restaurant), private room, or other locations where you wish to entertain guests, rather than through a traditional ozashiki experience.

There must be many situations in which you would like to invite geishas, especially when you are entertaining very important people for your company.

In such cases, we can provide authentic ozashiki entertainment for your important overseas guests with our custom-made geisha plans.

This special geisha plan is perfect for entertaining international VIPs, as details such as the location, the timing of the geisha’s entrance, and the content of the Japanese dance can be tailor-made.

Interpreters familiar with geisha culture are also available to accompany you on the tour, making it an attractive opportunity for conversations with geishas.

The popular Geisha and Japanese cultural experience is also available only with our custom-made plan.

For example, in addition to geisha performances and ozashiki entertainment, we can also offer on-site sushi chef services, sake tasting, and other activities to maximize your enjoyment of Japan.

We are also very popular for gala parties, celebrations, private parties, and other events for large groups, where we can provide a quality experience with geisha, the inheritors of Japanese culture, for those occasions where you wish to plan something very Japanese and highly original.

Because they are important overseas guests, we want to entertain them with geishas.

If this is the case, please contact Motenas Japan.

We will be happy to provide you with a wonderful custom-made geisha plan that is full of originality.

3 Ozashiki Experiences Where You Can Casually Meet Geikos and Maikos

Here we will introduce three ozashiki experiences that anyone can easily enjoy.

In traditional ozashiki entertainment, there is a tradition that bans first time customers, so you cannot spend time with geishas without an introduction.

Hanamachi is not a place to casually visit, as it is expensive, costing at least 100,000 yen per person.

On top of that, there are many customs, and if you do not know the etiquettes, not only will you be unable to enjoy yourself at all, but you will feel embarrassed.

Nowadays, there are systems that allow visitors to meet geishas in a casual setting, such as the ozashiki experience.

This plan is designed for those who wish to have a casual ozashiki experience enjoying a casual meal and geisha entertainment in a private room, not in a first-class ryotei or teahouse.

There may be time restrictions or limitations to your freedom like the course already being set, but it is still a reassuring service for beginners.

[Tokyo Geisha Experience] Tokyo Mukojima Kanamura

There are places in Tokyo where you can have a reasonably-priced ozashiki experience.

At Mukojima Kanamura, you can have an ozashiki experience with hangyokus before they become geishas.

For the meals, being able to choose the kaiseki course or the Shokado bento course is a great appeal point.

The kaiseki course includes a plan in which a geisha dances to the live shamisen performance of a local geisha, priced at 39,800 yen, and a plan in which a single geisha dances to recorded background music, priced at 29,800 yen.

The same goes for the Shokado bento course, with a choice of one or two geisha.

Basic Information: Tokyo Mukojima Kanamura

– 2-9-13-102 Mukojima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 131-0033, Japan

– TEL:03-6456-1629

– Included in the price are the meal fee, all-you-can-drink fee, the tatami room fee, and the maiko fee.

– Hours: 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (extended hours if exceeding 2 hours)


[Kyoto Maiko Experience] Yasaka-dori Enraku

In this ozashiki experience, you can interact with maikos at a Kyoto ryotei (Japanese-style restaurant).

You can enjoy a delicious ryotei dinner and watch a performance by geikos.

You can also enjoy two games of ozashiki entertainment: konpira-bune and toratora.

English speakers are available for assistance, so many people enjoy casually asking questions to maikos.

This program is wonderful in that children can also participate in this program.

Basic Information: Yasaka-dori Enraku

– Address: 594-3, Higashi-iru Komatsu-cho, Shijo-sagaru, Yamato-oji-dori, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, 605-0811, Japan

– TEL : 075-741-8727

– Included in the price are the meal fee, all-you-can-drink fee, the tatami room fee, and the maiko fee.

– Meeting time: 18:00 start *Duration: 2 hours

– URL:

[Kyoto Maiko Experience] Gion Hayakawa

Gion Hayakawa is a Kyoto-style ryotei restaurant that serves Kyoto-style cuisine using Kyoto vegetables.

Their teahouse experience at a Gion ryotei is gaining popularity.

It is also nice to be able to choose plans with or without a meal.

Basic Information: Gion Hayakawa

– Address: 570-164, Gion-Machi-Minamigawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Japan

– TEL: 075-541-1078

– Hours; Lunch: 11:30 a.m. – Last Order 1:30 p.m. Dinner: 5:00 p.m. – Last Order 9:30 p.m.

– URL:

4 Examples of Geisha Ozashiki Entertainment Recommended for Wealthy Overseas Guests

Advantages of Calling Geishas for International VIPs

When it comes to entertaining international VVIPs and VIPs, it is necessary to make plans that closely meet their needs.

However, most overseas guests, no matter how important they may be, are first-time customers when it comes to teahouse entertainment.

The only way for overseas guests who wish to be entertained by geishas to meet them in Japan is to utilize geisha experiences.

However, we are dealing with customers who are internatioanl VIPs.

They are people who want to do what they want and fulfill their needs freely in their own time.

If that is the case, then how about a custom-made geisha plan?

A casual ozashiki experience is nice, but I would still like to see a little more flexibility and accommodation for very important overseas guests who are wealthy.

So what kind of geisha plans are actually available for VIP guests from abroad?

Here are the advantages of a custom-made geisha plan.

Custom-made Ozashiki Entertainment for Entertaining Very Important Guests

Geisha are still recommended for entertaining very important people.

From the timing of when to serve sake, to the art of conversation, to the quality of the traditional arts performance, and the thrilling games of the tatami room.

In any situation, we can trust that they will certainly make the atmosphere of the place better.

The tradition of inviting geishas to entertain and meet with very important Japanese people still remains, and it is a sign that geishas know how to behave on such occasions.

Furthermore, the same is true for VIPs as well as international guests who want to experience traditional Japanese culture.

If it is a very important guest, you will have a lot to keep in mind in terms of privacy and security.

It is also important to note that geishas can be invited to a hotel or private space at the request of the customers, allowing for privacy.

Also, many VIP and VVIP guests are busy and have very limited time.

Since the geisha ozashiki experience is originally held during meetings and entertaining people, overseas guests can naturally enjoy a Japanese cultural experience during their meal.

A tailor-made geisha experience that can cover these points is still the Japanese cultural experience we recommend to very important overseas guests who are wealthy.

Why Geisha Entertainment Is Recommended for Birthday Parties

A wealthy international guest wants you to think of something exciting for a personal celebration, such as a birthday or wedding anniversary.

Let’s say that you were told that.

Geishas are also recommended for such occasions.

First of all, just the sight of geishas at the event venue will make the atmosphere quite spectacular and elegant.

The partygoers will be surprised and delighted by the impact of their appearance, opening the event with a great start.

Geishas are just great talkers and they will make guests enjoy their time there.

Laughter is very important at a celebration, and ozashiki entertainment will make the occasion even more festive.

They can perform a Japanese dance performance to match the celebration and the live shamisen and singing will add to the special atmosphere of the party.

Since it is a private party, they can also accommodate other special requests.

The charm of a custom-made event is that the organizer can examine even the smallest details, such as the details of the event and the venue arrangements.

Photos in a Japanese Garden: Popular Geisha Experience Among Female Guests from Abroad

The geisha experience plan is also just as popular as the ozashiki entertainment.

This project is especially appreciated by female Asian tourists.

Asian guests from abroad love photography to begin with.

The geisha experience is especially popular for taking pictures of yourself looking fabulous.

In the geisha experience, you will wear a geisha’s kimono, makeup, and wig and pretend to be a geisha.

“Geishas” are well-known and Asian women also find the kimono of geishas very attractive.

So, how about giving the ladies a taste of the geisha atmosphere?

They will be delighted pretending to be a real geisha and taking pictures in various poses in the lovely Japanese garden.

Geisha and Tea Ceremonies Are Still Popular Among International Women

The geisha experience is especially exciting for groups of women, as they get to transform into geishas with their closest friends.

Also, if you have taken the time to become a geisha, we recommend the tea ceremony.

In addition to the geisha experience, guests will experience a tea ceremony.

The combination of these two makes for a unique Japanese cultural experience, raising their satisfaction.

By pretending to be a geisha and performing a tea ceremony, guests will be able to experience more of the Japanese culture.

Since they are our valued customers, let’s make them happy by providing them with the best hospitality.


Many Japanese people have never experienced geisha culture.

Some international guests may understand geisha better than we do.

As Japanese people, it is important to understand about geisha as a part of Japanese culture and entertainment.

Geishas are successors of traditional Japanese culture who communicate with us.

It is an unforgettable experience because it is a more authentic, living experience than other Japanese cultural experiences where you learn and appreciate things.

In the custom-made geisha plan, we will prepare real geishas according to your request, making it the perfect plan for international guests who want to have an authentic geisha and ozashiki experience in Japan.

Motenas Japan will work with you to plan a suitable geisha plan for the guests you wish to entertain.